Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Poutine/ Fries and Gravy from Canada


Welcome to day 3 on The Blogging Marathon “Around the World in 30 Days”!

Let’s stop at alphabet C today…

Actually I had planned a different Country beginning with C, cooked it too but then Canada kept popping in my head continuously!

My fascination was because I heard my teacher talk about the country from inside the class when we were doing world geography. Either she forgot to throw me out or gave up on me realizing that I will never be able to draw maps to her satisfaction! Then there were Mills n Boon and instead of reading the antics of the fair damsel and the dark hero and the villain thrown in I used to love to read about the countryside….!!

 Gastronomically I got interested since Manali went to Canada for a year long course.  Vivek, her husband and she told me about warm people who live there and the different foods, authentic food available not like our Indo- Chinese, they have described the Japanese etc. food available too.

So C-Canada naturally won out!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Chotpoti/A tangy Chaat from Bangladesh


Hi! So you are joining me again today again for “Around the World in 30 Days’? Welcome! I will love the company… so today let explore B the second alphabet…

Actually the options for B are so many Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium to name a few  but since I was keen on choosing my neighbours I have chosen Bangladesh as my entry here.

It’s obvious the food in Bangladesh is similar to West Bengal. The street food here constitutes of delicious pitha, Chotpoti, puchka, jhalmuri, badam, and fried items.

Puchka is Gol Gappe or Pani puri, pitha, jhaal muri I have made so I decided to make Chotpoti which I suppose will mean” chat pati” alias tangy.

Did it live up to its name?

Of course!!

It took me to the time when I as a child had travelled to Bhuneshwar and we had chaat one night on the streets of Bhuneshwar.

So come and join me for Chotpoti.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mint Chakkah~ A Creamy Curd and Mint Dip

Mint Chakkah

Does this picture remind you of Ice cream? 
Do you crave to have it? Well so do I?
But waits its not ice cream but a Creamy Curd and Mint Dip!! 
Tastes awesome!!
Its called Chakkah !!

Chakkah is thick and creamy strained yogurt served in Afghanistan either as a dip or a sauce. It is also used as an ingredient in many Afghani dishes.

 Mint Chakkah

Mint Chakkah
Recipe Source:My Diverse Kitchen
  • 2 cup   curds
  • 1 clove of garlic, finely minced
  • 2 tbsp fresh mint, finely chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • Using a cheese cloth hang the curds for 2 -3 hours. (As I do not like the smell of the cheesecloth, after I remove the curds I prefer to use a fine nylon strainer for the job.
  • The result of the hanging should be a creamy and not dry.  
  • Mix the yogurt and the garlic in a bowl. Do not beat.
  • Cover and refrigerate till required. 
  •  Just before serving, stir in the salt and half the chopped mint.
  •  Garnish with the remaining mint and serve.
  •  This makes 1 cup of Minty Chakkah.

  • This Chakkah should have a nice but not too strong, flavour of garlic so add as much garlic you need to get that.

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Afghani Bolani/ Boulanee e Katchaloo/ Potato Spring Onion Stuffed Flatbread

Afghani Bolani/ Boulanee e Katchaloo
Today on join me in Blogging Marathon " Around the World in 30 days"!

When I checked the net for my entries to the blogging marathon around the world the first place I checked was Afghanistan and I kept checking if I am looking at Afghani cuisine.  The reason being the Indian spices used stood out. Yet the food was distinctly different.

Later, much later it struck me, in fact Aparna mentioned so I realised  that Afghanistan being located on the historically important trade route called the Silk Route/ Silk Road  meant that Afghani cuisine is influenced by the trading communities on the route. So the Afghani cuisine has the influences of Iran, Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and China.

I was requested street food at home so I am generally blogging street food, generally because occasionally I have been side-tracked by some delicious recipes that are not street food that have beckoned me!

So let’s begin with Afganisthan!!

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