Monday, 2 March 2015

Blogging Marathon Day 3

Day 3!!

Tomorrow I am flying back! How do I pack!!

We need to have a rule for goody bags nothing more than ½ kg for each participant, even with that 11 of us makes 5 ½ kgs.
Why does the airline not allow extra baggage for females? Especially when you are visiting friends like this, all equally crazy !!
This weighty issue had me stay away from prop shopping L and all kinds of shopping.
Inspite of all these hurdles and the bitter sweet knowledge that the day 3 means I have come to the last day of my time with my friends I was looking forward to day 3.
We were to go to Foodology a beautiful place for all foodies. I will not say much but share with you the pictures.

Will it suffice to say this was the best day that I had in my life? The entire meet was to teach what one knew to others and I learnt a lot.

The Food!!

Thanks Chennai group for organizing it and here is the best cake creation that was a group exercise.

After the day at Foodology most of us departed to go to our homes with the sweet memories that we had made of the 3 days together!!

Wait, Vaishali and I are yet around we are to leave on the next day. Padma and her husband took us out are some shopping and a dinner where we had appams then it was time to pack.

Saying bye is difficult but particularly difficult to a person as warm as Padma who had opened her home and hearth to us. Padma had tears in her eyes as she waved to us I wanted to howl but controlled myself.
At the airport when it was time to say bye to Vaishali I had to remind myself this is the beginning, beginning for a new meeting! Our BM#75!!

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Blogging Marathon Meet #50 Day 2

Aww do I have to get up? 

Can I not sleep for some more time? 

Am I waking my kids to go to school? No it’s me talking to myself.

Okay I am not crazy it’s Day 2 at Chennai and after sleeping very late in the morning we are waking up to go to the beach, Marina Beach.

I was tempted to tell the ladies you go I am sleeping but the enthusiasm of all the members was so catchy plus the fact that the kids were up and willing to go made me feel …. So to cut the long story short went to the beach.

The sea this time was Bay of Bengal and it looked so beautiful. I wish I had gone in the sea instead of playing my favourite game with the waves. Come get me… nana nan you missed!!

Anyway I loved the sea though the beachfront reminded me of Juhu when I had visited it ages ago. I will prefer my regular beach haunts in Goa.

After the beach we went to Woodlands  for breakfast since there were no big tables we were 4 to a table and Usha. I enjoyed my breakfast totally. Here as we were having beakfast a lady at the next table asked us why we were all in pink. As we explained about food blogging I realised none of us were wearing aprons.

Home and change we were ready to go shopping. With the Damocles sword of baggage allowed in the flight cut all my desire to go shopping. The place where Nandini took us was amazing and her offer of prop shopping I refused. After seeing all that had been purchased I wish I had gone though.

Anyway it was time for lunch! And we went here.

Yes, the E Hotel!!

 Padma’s husband had organised lunch for us here. Its beautiful look at the interiors.

 I fell in love with all the beautiful cake models here. Apparently there was a castle and buggy which was beautiful but has been removed. How I wish I could see it.

The lunch was at the multi-cuisine restaurant "Entree" was awesomely delicious buffet!!
Food here is delicious and had me vacillating in my choices and wishing I had an expandable bag for a stomach.
There was hardly anything I did not try and like!
There were breads, pasta, spaghetti, dumpling sauce, so many varieties of salads, pickles, flat breads, gravies and a whole lot of desserts.

 But all the while I had one goal in mind “the desserts!” My favourite rasmalai was on the menu along with  Gulab Jamun, Clusters, Choco Brownie, Pineapple mousse, Mocha Pastry, Ice cream Walnut and Banana Bread ice cream with various toppings. Take a look at the pictures they will speak volumes.

We had a fun time eating here but knowing that there is more fun waiting us and was making me impatient. We were to visit the kitchens.
Since Ahmadabad where Vaishali took us to the kitchens for the first time I find myself wanting to visit restaurant kitchens now. (The other day I went in the Office canteen kitchen!) What have you made me into Vaishali?
Anyway we were taken to the conference room and down to the works….

Executive Chef Balaji and Sous Chef Hari Babu took us around the kitchen. They patiently explained everything and demonstrated two south Indian dishes for the bloggers from North. There was rasmalai being made and Chef kindly shared the recipe with me.

There were demos for making of Keppal Roti and Kara Kozhukattai. I found it fascinating especially the Keppal Roti in Goa we use the drumstick leaves to make a vegetable but for nothing else. The girls find it bitter so I can use this dish to get some greens in them. As for the Kara Kozhukattai a savoury and steamed version of any dish is welcome. To go with the dishes Chef made a delicious onion and tomato chutney that was amazingly delicious.

After that we went down to the bakery section. Here I was like a kid in the candy shop there were amazingly delicious smells and aromas and textures and flavours hanging in the air. Just breathing the air made me wish I could camp here forever and ever.

Chef Ramesh demonstrated the making of tiramisu, chocolate mousse and chocolates. I wish I really really wished I had not had lunch. This was the amazing stuff that I wanted to eat all the day long.
Then all to soon it was time to say goodbye to the Chefs and the after we thanked Sou's Chef-Mr.Hari Babu, Bakery Chef-Chef Ramesh, Executive Chef-Mr.Balaji and the General Manager  Gaurav Gupta we left the E Hotel.

What an amazing experience it was!!
Here are soem of the treasures that were in the works!

This time it was time to dress in red and visit the dinner hosted for us with a surprise element of meeting families. Though the food was delicious I could not eat I all but made up by chatting with the BMer’s families.

Soon  this day too came to an end! Only we had an amazing day planned for the day 3 the most wonderful experience in my life…
Want to know about it? Join me tomorrow…

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Blogging Marathon Meet #50!!


BM#50,the milestone 
we were waiting for has finally come this month!!

But what is BM? BM is the acronym for Blogging Marathon! 

How does a food blogger run? We don’t run physically we run a mental race and live the world with out of the world yummy dishes!! Yes we food blogger only live to eat contrary to the saying eat to live.

Let me give you a small background every month we have themes based on which we blog themes. The themes are challenges that keep us going, the food interesting and families happy, well at least most of the time. J

So the BM has been running for last 5 years but not being associated with it for 5 years has never made me feel unwelcome. In fact this is the warmest group and the closest I have been to ever.

Yes we met for the second time for BM meet this month, the first being at Ahmadabad where Vaishali arranged an amazing meet. I will not go in details about that meet check it out here, here and here but is it enough if I say memories from here still linger and bring a smile to my face!

Preparation for the meet #50 began in earnest long ago and I must say the Chennai team did an awesome job.

Okay I will quit jumping the gun now and start at the very beginning like the song says” A very good place to begin” and tell you about BM #50!

The Meet was to be held from 20th Feb to 22nd Feb’2015 but since I did not want to miss any fun I wanted to go early, hubby was all agreeable so what more do I want.  

 I descended on Padma on the 18th Feb’2015 along with Viashali from Ahmadabad. Veena (was I was meeting her for the first time? It did not seem like it) accompanied us to Padma’s place.
Yes, Padma graciously opened her home to us even arranged to accommodate her husband at her cousin’s place. Waiting for us at Padma’s were Sanjeeta KK and my friend Pari.  Hugs and chat were the order of the day.

 As we were chatting and catching up Usha from Manhattan joined us, Valli and Konda dropped by. More hugs and more chat!

Padma served us an Andhra meal of Rasam, Rice, Potato fry, Potlakaya Kura, Dosakaya Pappu an assortment of mouth watering pickles and Curds.  
Andhra Meal
Andhra Meal

Enjoy with your eyes girls!!

 When Pradnya from Mumbai joined us later the Pondi group was ready and we got cracking to visit Pondicherry the next day, the alarm set for 5 am.

Pondicherry or Puducherry the beautiful and popular tourist destination here are some pictures that speak for themselves. It’s one place that I plan to visit again! But for now enjoy the visuals. On our way back I was so tired that I could not help packing of the goody bags. Do I feel guilty? Nah! Not me!
Here are some pictures from Pondi!!
First The Nautanki Group after breakfast!
Welcome to Auroville!!
 A young artist at Pondicherry
 The works
 The model
The rangoli before the model

Another beautiful Place... Madame Rose facing competition!!

 A beautiful mascot outside La Maison Rose
 The La Maison Rose
 A beautiful chandelier
Lunch Place
The restaurant
The Food 
 You are right girls they are not ducks!!

 But now on the 20th Feb the meet begins right in earnest. we had people arrive from all over the place we had PJ from Coimbatore , Gayatri  from Mudrai, Kalyani from Mumbai, Kamalika, Nandini, Srivalli, Veena and Padma from Chennai and of course Archana  from Goa the most important person!! (Shhhh! Pipe down girls if I was not there I would have missed it all so I am most important!)

The kick off of the meet was in colour green and breakfast and lunch was an in-house affair on this day we had amazingly soft idlis both regular and kanchipuram idlis. I am yet to taste anything so amazingly delicious, soft and white idlis and sambhar and chutney and the podi that was nellakaram!!

Lunch was Sindhi special fresh green garlic rice with green peas, Bhakari, Zunka, Thecha , Kurma, Curd rice and raita and lime and chilli pickle. For dessert we had Colostrum, Gajjac, a honey and til/ sesame seeds sweet, Gulpoli and the beautiful Mysore Pak. Was I packed with all these yummy stuff!
There was so much food that it did not fit in one frame so here are some pictures.

The official photo session was in white and look at the amazing ladies amid a lot of jokes and laughter at the antics of the kids we cut the birthday cake for Kalyani and Valli whose birthday is in February.

We had a lot of demos from demos on how to spill water to how to mop it up by little master Ikshu!

Poor guy was trying to click pictures but was harassed by the director Kamalika! No one let him be!!!

There was a banana display and the use different kinds of bananas were explained very patiently by Veena. Sorry Veena you will have to explain it again to me.
Then it was time for Usha to give us our photography demo. She has very patiently explained the nuances and the use of light, aperture etc. I wish I can share more pictures but all of them seem to have me in the frame so I would rather not!

The way time flew I did not realise that it was time to change in the traditional attire and proceed to Annalaxmi!

Here Sid our future space scientist gave us a model of his rocket dosa!

Course after course of yummy and delicious food was making me feel uncomfortably full when Padma who was sitting next to me insisted I should try this rice!  You will not feel so full she said. The rice was plain rice with vatha kozhambu with a sprinkling of Neemflower Podi, Sunda Vathal, Mantakkali Vathal and a lashing of ghee on top. Amazingly I felt good after I ate it!!

Back home it was time to talk, talk the night away! Amazingly I who fall asleep through all kinds of dins listened to the most important stories that were related!

What a racket we made! I am sure Padma’s neighbours were disturbed and were kind enough not to protest!!
With that day 1 comes to an end! finally we slept because we had an early morning appointment!!
So there is more coming up ladies.

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