Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Corn Bhel

It was our friend U ‘s birthday and we were this time parting at a restaurant nearby. One of the starters ordered were corn bhel. I generally like my corn roasted so was reluctant to try this out. Now U and his wife V know my tastes but they insisted that I try it out.

It was delicious.

The corn bhel had a crunch to them. That is the only thing I have been unable to duplicate the three times I have tried it out. Maybe some will help me out with this. The photograph is my elder daughter's snack she wants garnish whether needed of not.

200 g sweet corn
2 tblspn oil
1-2 onions chopped very fine
1 tblspn garlic and coriander paste
1 tsp chilli vinegar
1 tsp chilli sauce (Adjust as per taste)
1 tblspn dark soya sauce
Salt (Adjust as per taste)
Chillies chopped fine (optional)

1. Heat the oil.
2. Add the sweet corn and fry lightly. (Please be careful as the corn pops and splatters) drain and put on a kitchen towel.
3. In the same oil fry the onions till them translucent.
4. Now add the garlic coriander paste and sauté for a minute.
5. Mix in the fried corn, salt adds the sauces mix well.
6. Put off the gas mix the coriander and chillies. Serve immediately.

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