Friday, 27 March 2009

Wish you all a very Happy Gudi Padwa (Ugadi)!!

Wish you all a very Happy Gudi Padwa (Ugadi)!!
Wish you a very Happy New Year.
Yesterday my father asked me what I will be cooking today.
Frankly I was at loss as the traditional foods that Amma or my MIL, Kaku, used to cook are something that my family are not very happy about basically because, I cook them badly, so I decided to innovate by elimination.
Since kid No1 and I do not appreciate 'Shrikand' it was out. I decided to try Dhudhi Halwa.
Pooris out, as you see I have started looking like one now and besides I have to go to work so chapattis it is.
As I am low on vegetables instead of two vegetable we had one flower and potato.
Instead of raw mango and moong dal kosambri we had cabbage tomato salad.
Tomato Saar, of course, the all time favourite as curry.
Plain rice, which no one touched, I don't know why I bothered...

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