Friday, 19 June 2009

Macaroni Supreme

On Friday I told Apeksha, my elder daughter that she has to cook lunch for us on Sunday; she was 'Head Chef' & I the Assistant. I gave her my recipe book and let her choose. Her choice was Tarla Dalal's Macaroni Supreme from the 'Joys of Vegetarian Cooking.'

The whole thing was fraught with some anxious moments, like the recipe for white sauce, we were supposed to add flour to the butter after it had melted we did not and were worried that the sauce may become 'brown sauce' .

I was worried that the baking of the whole thing may fizzle out, it may not set, most importantly no one will like it and Apeksha will be facing a disappointment.

Happily my fears were all laid to rest, as everyone liked it.

The ingredients are

3 teacups boiled macaroni (dry weight 180g)

3 ½ teacups white sauce (we used 4 cups)

½ teacup parsley

¼ tsp nutmeg powder

½ tsp dried oregano

1 teacup cheese (grated)

1 sliced tomato

A little butter

Salt and pepper to taste.


  1. Add parsley, nutmeg powder, oregano salt pepper and ¾ cup of cheese to the white sauce.
  2. Mix macaroni and the white sauce and spread on a greased baking tray. Put the tomato slices on top.
  3. Cover with remaining cheese and dot with butter. Bake in a hot oven at 450ºF or 232ºC for about 25 minutes.
  4. Serve hot.


  1. Hi there first time here...lovely space u have dear....I am curious about Goan I can get to know more about it from here....Ur daughter's macroni looks awesome....happy to follow u.

  2. Thanks Nisa! Thanks for following me its my pleasure to return the compliment!
    Apeksha will be very pleased to hear about your comment.
    As regards Goan cuisine well, Goans use coconut, chillies,Hindus use tamarind/ sola while Christians use a lot of vinegar in their staple fish curry. (fish curry and rice is their staple food). If u think I can give you good recipes for fish curry I will but u will have to test them out urself as I eat fish and chicken but cannot cook them. And at home HAi Tauba!


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