Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Reposting Franky or Wraps

The basic wrap(no salads at all)

Since we were supposed to visit friends and I had to cook only for my FIL.
 I cannot cook for one person and hence the Peas Palak that I had made was too much for him and for the rest of us to finish in the evening. As I did not want to throw it out I made "Franky"(basically I am reposting Franky)  as we called it in the past. Now I would prefer to call it "Wrap" but the name "Franky" is stuck with the kids and hence we and  so franky it is!
You can use the Hara Bhara Kabab Recipe and make the same cutlets. Only today ground the peas palak with green chillies and added 1 1/2  cup of rolled oats to the dough to make the dough into a smooth and not too free flowing. The cutlets I made are longish and I rolled them in oats. The shallow cutlets are wrapped in chappati smeared with cheese spread and tomato sauce. 
 The only photographs I had taken were when Akanksha, my younger daughter was eating there are no salads in it. You can add tomatoes, onions and capsicum. They taste better!!
Longish cutlets ready for the fry pan
My younger daughter's wrap getting ready(no salad lots of ketchup)

P.S. You can also use green chutney and tamarind chutney as a spread.
Garlic chutney and dates chutney.
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