Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pani Pooris or Gol Gappas!!

Pani Pooris or Gol Gappas!!
 My favourite street food! 
No matter how much chaat I have had I need to finish off with these pretty pooris filled with spicy tangy water. Pop it in your mouth a little pressure and it bursts filling your mouth and wetting your appetite for more and more.

My daughters keep on telling me to make these beauties. Though it is the simplest of all chaats I don’t know why I don’t make it more often as I buy the pooris anyway.

To make the water you need the following ingredients:
1 litre water, chilled
2 tblspn Everest Pani Poori masala
Rock salt
Lime juice
2 tsp dry mango powder
1 cup pudina/mint
1 cup coriander leaves
Green chillies (adjust as per taste)

1.         Grind together coriander leaves, mint, and green chillies.
2.         Mix all the ingredients adjust as per taste the seasonings. (We had 3 kind of water one with hardly any chilli, 2nd with hardly any lime and the third with lots of chillies and lime).
3.         Let it rest in the fridge till serving time. Strain and serve.

Fillers for the pooris:
This time we had boiled green peas, boondi   and of course potato mixed with chat masala and a little dry mango powder.
We have also had it with steamed carrots, cauliflower and boiled moong.
You can also try mixed sprouted grains.

In the last possible moments I heard a wail, “Mamma I am not eating with this green water I want sweet brown coloured water.”

So in 1 cup of water I boiled a small marble sized tamarind ball with 3 dates, 1 tsp of coriander powder, 1 tsp of jeera/cumin seeds/jeerigi powder, a small lemon sized ball of jaggery, chilli powder, rock salt and salt for about 7 minutes then mash and strain through a soup stainer .Add a tray of ice cubes to cool the mixture down. Adjust as per taste the seasonings.

This mixture though was meant for my younger kid was tasty enough and plenty for all of us to eat.

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  1. I'm sure you all had enjoyed this evergreen street food. In fact seeing the clicks even I want it now :-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. such an authentic one.. mouthwatering chaats.

  3. Looks sooo mouthwatering..!!especially the first click...
    Wish i cud get some of those:-(

  4. Yummy pani pooris....i love them!!!

    I liked your blog name....its different!!!

  5. That looks fantastic, yum yum

  6. yummy gol gappas looks delicious

  7. These are the most sort out street food... Looks yum

  8. Yummy Indian street food. I love this, especially the way how we eat this, that's the fun part :)

  9. yummy yummy pani pooris !!! Loved them !!

  10. Feel like gobbing few rite now, addictive pani pooris..

  11. These look so amazing! I so wish I could try one =)

  12. wow looks absolutely mouthwatering, My fav:)

  13. aww.. one of my favourite street snacks.. I'm missing U.P. Chaatwala.. :(
    you've an award waiting for you in my blog. Do collect it!!

  14. Drooling..drooling and more drooling..I can not write anything more :)))

    US Masala

  15. Give me some and I'll pop them in my mouth!

  16. My fav luks delicious trying at home..

  17. OMG u really made pani puri at home....wonderful....


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