Monday, 14 March 2011

Uppar Walla Deta hai to Chappar Fad ke deta hai !When God gives he showers his blessing on you is the translation.
 Why because I have been awarded two of these awards on the same day. I am thrilled!! Super thrilled!! 

This award has been passed on to me by Reshmi of Rasoi and Jay of Tasty Appetites. 


1. Accept the Award. Post in your blog with the name of the blogger who has given you this award with the link to his/her blog. 

2. Pass it on to 15 other blogger friends, to keep the ball rolling. 

3. Let the nominated blogger know about their award (leave a message in their most recent post). 

These are the rules and now the award goes to ... to...
 Why does it have to be so difficult? For goodness sake Archana you have 15 people to choose from.  
But still it is difficult. I am sorry to leave any one out. It is not intentional, will pass the award next time(so somebody hurry up and award me some more awards so that I can make up for the others that I follow).

  1.  smalltown_girl . She does not write on food but because I like her style of writing.
  2. Nisa Homey of  Cooking is easy
  3. Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal of Mharao Rajasthan's Recipes
  4.  Sushma Mallya of Authentic Food Delights
  5. Nindini of Nandini's Food page
  6. Padma of Padma's recipes
  7. Priya Mahadevan of Now Serving
  8. Aipi of US Masla
  9. Veena Krishnakumar of Veg Junction
  10. Priya of Priya's Nice N Easy Recipes
  11. Gayatri of Gayatri's Cook Spot 
  12. Ria Mathew from Ria's Collection
  13. Harini and Jaya of Tamalpaku
  14. Siri of Cooking with Siri
  15. Rak's of Rak's Kitchen


  1. Congrats dear...and thanks a lot for passing on to me...really appreciate it.

  2. Congrats on ur award, thanks for sharing with me Archana,am honoured..

  3. Congrats dear...wishing you many more :)

  4. Congrats Archana!. THank you for sharing..

  5. Congrats dear and wish u many more !!!

  6. Congrats! Thanks for passing to me...

  7. AWWW! :D
    First let me say awesome croissants! Thats the first thing i saw and my mouth is still watering! i didnt knew there was an idian version! paneer was banned from my home as my brother once made a paneer dish that tasted like chutney, so it might be time to recheck on the whole paneer thing.

    And thank you jee! for the award and the homework. It feels special when someone says they honestly like your work. I love you! *impulsive hug*.
    and i solemnly swear i will check a few of your less adventurous cooking myself, and if i survive the kitchen and mom's wrath, i will come back and tell the tale. :P

  8. Congrats on your award Archana and thanks a lot for sharing it with me :)

    ( )


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