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I just cannot think why I have not posted this simple recipe for so long. I had made this version when onions were expensive! Ha Ha so long! You have forgotten all about the onion prices haven’t you?

What reminded me of this recipe? Well, it reminded me about itself every time I went to see my pictures but I was sure no one will be interested then as onion prices had normalised.

So how are you interested now? Elementary my dear Watson, if “Upit”/Upma can make or break a cookery contest winner everyone is interested in the different versions of it!!

Yes I am referring to the Contest where Floyd Cardoz, a celebrated Chef   made this simple dish and went to win the contest!!  

In my hometown Dharwad, “Upit” is a staple snack that is made often, especially when someone visits. I remember grumbling to my granny is there nothing else that people in Dharwad know we either have “Upit” or Avalakki that is Pohe! Little did I know that I will miss both! Ho I make it but not as often I would like to! and I miss the pleasure of them making it and me eating it!

 In Dharwad we get different kinds of Rava called Kesari Rava to make “Upit”, Bombay Rava or is it Mumbai Rava now (?) and Chiroti rava. These are progressively finer.  “Upit” or Shira tastes best with Kesari Rava but as my family does not like it, I do not buy it and make “Upit” out of Bombay rava.

1 Cup Rava
2 tsp ghee (home- made is best) + 1-2 tsps
1 tsp Urid dal
2-3 Green chilies (adjust as per taste)
Curry leaves
1 cup cabbage chopped fine
1 tomato roughly chopped
 1 cup   vegetables like green capsicum, cauliflower florets, carrots and peas (I have used only capsicum)
2 cups water
Lemon juice (adjust as per taste)
Coriander , coconut grated

1.       In a kadhai add the rava and 2 tsps ghee. Mix well and stir fry on the gas on low flame till you get a nice aroma. Please do not skip this step or increase the flame the results are disastrous.  You can also microwave the rava and ghee. I do it for a minute then stir and repeat for 1 more minute. It will depend on your microwave.
2.       Remove the rava on a plate and let it cool.
3.       Meanwhile return the kadhai to the gas heat oil, lower the flame splutter the mustard and add the urid dal stir till reddish, hing, green chilies, curry leaves follow next. Please be careful as the chilies and curry leaves splutter. (Generally I cover the kadhai with a lid it leaves with a less messy gas to clean and prevents painful burns of the chilies or curry leaves frying about).
4.       If I was using onions they would have gone in next and fried till translucent then the veggies would follow,  but since I am not using onions or the veggies and I like my capsicum and cabbage crunchy I added the water 2 cups , salt.
5.       Raise the flame. Let the water start to boil, what I mean is the water at the edges of the kadhai starts simmering first lower the flame add the cabbage, capsicum, tomatoes and the roasted rava. Stir immediately as the stuff stars cooking and lumping up almost immediately.
6.       Cover and let it cook for about 4-5 minutes. Switch off the gas. Remove the lid and spoon the rest of the ghee at the edges of the kadhai.  Squeeze lime.
7.       Close again and let it rest for about 5 minutes.
8.       Mix well and serve garnished with coriander and coconut.

You can also add boiling water to the rava and make this dish, as my MIL used to make, but I find this   more convenient.


  1. I like to use kesari rawa for uppit anytime..

  2. My fav dish,love simply with spicy coconut chutney..

  3. I'm very intrigued...definitley makes me wish I could try this dish!

  4. A classic no-fuss one pot meal! I personally love it with lots of Haldiram's bhujiya :DD
    US Masala

  5. looks so delicious and wonderful !!

    Ongoing Event - CC-Roti Pachadi/Chutney

  6. Delicious upit and healthy breakfast.

  7. Am ready to finish it off for my breakfast now...:P

    Tasty Appetite

  8. never tried it with cabbage.. sounds very healthy too

  9. Addition of all those veggies makes it so healthy..Yummo

  10. Thanks all of you. I am loving it(your comments)!

  11. archana, even I had made somethg similar when onions were rarer than Gold (:D) ! your version looks good and yes the Humble Upma takes the spot-light after the celebrity contest- yay !

  12. Upma is our all time favorite. Usually make it for breakfast though. Loved your recipe.


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