Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Black & White Wednesday & Molten Lava Cake ~A Blog Hop #7

F or Blog Hop Wednesday I am paired with Vidhya of Sugar ‘N Spice.
As I hopped around my daughter was next to me and that was the end for almost immediately I landed on  her cake Molten Lava Cake which my daughter calls as Choco Lava Cake and insists on visiting Dominoes Pizza for just that.

I am sorry Vidhya but my hop was a bit too short lived for my liking she was adamant that I see no more recipes worried that I may change my mind.

Now that the cake is baked and consumed she will allow me to check out the recipes in peace (I hope)!

Girls you must try Vidhya delicious site.

For once I have not made any changes in the recipe (am planning on it next time I make it). That will be the 3rdtime I am baking this cake yes I made it twice last Saturday.

115 grms of chocolate
115 grms of butter (I used Amul) + 1 tsp for greasing 6 ramekins
2 eggs
1/3 cup sugar
¼ cup Maida

1.     Pre heat oven to 180ºC. Butter the ramekins sides and the base.
2.     Keep the chocolate in the bowl and keep in a bigger pan 1/3 filled with water, this is a double boiler, to melt.  
3.     Meanwhile beat eggs and sugar in a medium bowl till light and fluffy.
4.     Once the chocolate has melted remove the pan from the double boiler and place   on a dry kitchen towel (so that when you pick up the chocolate bowl the outer surface is dry). Add the butter and mix well till all the butter has melted.
5.     Add the chocolate and butter mix to the eggs and sugar mix, add the maida and fold well till well incorporated.
6.     Pour the mix till ¾ full and bake in the oven. Now here Vidhya’s instructions said 10-15 minutes lesser time for gooey inside. Do check it out for your oven.
Here is a pic of my first batch. I baked for 10 minutes.
Here is a picture of the 8 minutes or the moment I got the delicious smell of the chocolate cake.

 Serve hot immediately with vanilla ice cream.

Can you imagine what my next dessert for a party will be?
Make this cake girls and relax and enjoy all the great compliments that flow your way.

Thanks Vidhya for a very enjoyable and compliments filled evening. It’s difficult to say what I enjoyed more the unanimous approval (which is rare, rarer and rarest in my family) or the cake and ice cream.

Sending this to Susan's Black & White Wednesday



  1. Cake looks delicious !!

    Ongoing Event - Festive Food

  2. Simply mouthwatering molten lava cake. Visually stunning, must have tasted yummy as well.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. My fav..have made them so many times Just love that flowing chocolate.

  4. The cake does look yum and molten as well........

  5. Irresistible cake,makes me drool..

  6. Wow. superb one. I still need the courage to attempt this one.

  7. Yes.. Just scrumptious cake.!!!! Looks great. First time here.. Happy to follow you. do visit my space

  8. Yum, that has come out wonderfully !!!

  9. And thanks a lot for liking those Ma durga idols . Yes it's celebrated with the same enthusiasm all over India. But In Kolkata you can actually feel the festive season even 2 months before durga Puja. Many of my non bengali friends makes it a point to visit Pandal on Ashtami.:-)

  10. The cake looks so inviting.I am so happy that your family enjoyed this as much as mine.Thank you dear.

  11. yum yum cake, irresistible and tempting dear..

  12. Yummy cake... I never tried this cake before.. Bookmarking it..

  13. Pics are so inviting. Wish i was your neighbor!!!

  14. can u pass it on archana-loved the gooey melting stuff

  15. Thanks all of you.
    @ Veena just drop by

  16. thats my most fav it warm with a dollop of ice cream. am craving some right away...

  17. ohh.I love molten lava cake..looks delicious

  18. divine for chocolate lovers!!

  19. A very decadent dessert. I love how the ice cream turns into a lava of sorts when topping the molten cake. It is a sumptuous look.

    Thank you, Archana, for joining BWW!


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