Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Corn Bruchetta

I do not enjoy corn, the only way I really enjoy it is roasted, in fact I have just started eating it boiled or steamed so I thought of the girls and hubby dear when I saw Bruchetta was something that I first saw on Manjula’s Kitchen here. Here is more on this delicious Italian snack or appetizer.

I had bookmarked it then. In between the computer was reformatted many a times and I lost the bookmark.

In preparation of the BM I had boiled corn thinking I will make steamed corn but I forgot all about it. The other day when I was going through the stuffed fridge I found the boiled corn. The looks of which said I am past my prime and will not taste good as steamed corn. Being the “kanjoos” as my kids call me I did not want to throw it out. Then “I remember lightening” hit me. Being Sunday and since for once I had already finished cooking I searched for the recipe and made it and stuck the end result in the fridge.

We adults had it today morning as breakfast the kids for their evening snack.
So this is my entry for BM#14 Group 2, Day 6

Here is want I used:
200 grams corn, boiled  
½ litres milk
1 ½ tblsp maida
1 tbsp pepper
4 green chilies
1 capsicum, chopped fine (I used green)
4 slices of cheese
Salt to taste
Bread slices
2 flakes garlic
4 tblsp Amul butter, softened

1.     In the milk add the boiled corn and boil till the mixture becomes a bit thick.
2.     Then with the immersion mixer crush the corn a bit. Do not make a paste.
3.     Add the maida, pepper salt, green chilies and of the ingredients and run the mixer once more.
4.     Return to fire and cook till thick stirring constantly for 2 or 3 minutes on low heat.
5.     Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Cool.
6.    As the mix is cooling crush the garlic flakes and mix well in the butter.
7.    Spread on the bread slice and toast the bread on a non stick tava. (I toasted only one side). The butter was enough for only 8 slices. The rest of the loaf got plain Amul butter treatment.
8.    Once the toast is done spread the brochette on the toast and enjoy.

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  1. LOL on stuffed fridge!..I like corn filling on bread, though not the creamy version..

  2. they look really yum..the cheese is melting..ah..n my mouths watering:)

  3. I actually like corn in any form and this sounds like a recipe I would like. Bookmarking this and hoping I will make it before I format my PC :)

  4. This homemade creamy sauce looks good, First I thought it's the melted cheese, looks really rich, Archana!

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  5. sounds interesting! Never tried corn as a sandwich filling. should try and see if the kids are interested!

  6. like your Indian twist on bruschetta

  7. The corn sandwich idea sounds interesting.

  8. Love the melted cheese, looks so yum.

  9. Love the melted cheese, looks so yum.

  10. That was really very yummy

  11. I like that creamy toping with corn great..

  12. delicious and yummy .......

  13. i love corn ..absolutely love them.. & bread is a fav again.. I am bookmarking this..its so tempting :)

    Ongoing Event : I'm The Star

  14. Lovely creamy topping. I love anything that is cheesy!

  15. Love bruchetta.! like your version and thnx for linking up all savory items.

  16. Bruschetta is a great idea to enjoy corns... Thank you for linking with Healthy Morsels - Pregnancy :)

  17. Happens most of the time here too. I keep something inside the fridge and forget all about it.Sometimes I remember it only after a week!! The Bruchetta looks very yum..


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