Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Cucumber Rolls~ A Blog Hop#18

My brother and SIL had come down with his bundle of joy for three days.
I was to make supari with my father’s help and show Pooja, my SIL, some simple cakes. But the supari is on my kitchen shelf and the cakes are just not made.  I do not know where the days flew! One 7 month old baby Ayan and he had all of us dancing!

Before they left Pooja made us a delicious pancake and ice cream dessert  will share the recipe soon. They left for the US yesterday but it feels like ages that they have gone and the house feels empty without Ayan. May be next time I will do better.

Today I have some more relatives though there is no baby involved here I will be busy   to add to my woes the computer is acting up and I am not getting my daily fix of visiting my friends. Will do so after they leave hopefully for by then the Rain God will be visiting us........ And life continues.

But for today’s Blog Hop Radhika the brain behind it has paired me with Jayanti of Sizzling Veggies. In case you have not been there you are missing a treat. The pictures are a visual treat and the recipes are mind blowing. I had a hard time trying to choose what I wanted. Had I made something when Pooja was here then it would have definitely been Almond Cherry brownies but that was not to be.

 I had to go to the internet cafe to get my recipe and the first thing I saw was these awesome cucumber rolls.  I had to make them.

Here is Jayanthi’s recipe and here is mine. O by the way I made this in the night and the picture are taken then do promise to make them in the day over the weekend and post better pictures.


2  Cucumbers
½ cup hung curds
2 tblsp or a fistful of roasted groundnuts
2 green chillies ( adjust as per taste)
¼ cup Coriander leaves
Tooth picks
1.    Wash the cucumbers and dry them. With the vegetable peeler make slices of the cucumber and dry them on the kitchen towel.
2.    Meanwhile hang the curds. I generally use the big sieve depending upon the thickness of your curds the water will drain out. Mine took 15-20  minutes.( Collect the water and drink it tastes wonderful).
3.    In the chutney pot of the mixer add the curds, green chillies, ground nuts, coriander and salt and coarse grind. I coarse ground because  I like the chunks  you could grind it fine only grind the ground nuts first and then add the rest of the ingredients and grind.
4.    The ground mix was like a lump for which I was grateful. Place  a small ball on the cucumber slice about ½ an inch away from the edge. Now wrap the lump with the ½ inch of cucumber first then the rest of the cucumber. Like a cotton mattress roll.
5.    Fix the end with the tooth pick and store in the fridge to cool a bit before you serve it with a flourish.
The way both my daughter’s eyes light up when they saw the dish was a reward for all the hard(?)  work I put in.
Thanks Jayanthi and Radhika it was a treat both visually and gastronomical. 

My entry for Blog Hop

 Also to the event Kitchen Chronicles Go Nuts... started by Kalyani Guest Hosted by me here.



  1. woww....delicious...this dish is new to me...yummmm...

    I have award for u in my blog..Pls accpt it..:)

  2. Wow rolls looks damn cute,wat an awesome filling.

  3. very unique recipe. looks so soothing for these hot months.

  4. yummy and healthy ,

  5. i can understand how a 7 month old makes time fly away; glad to know u had good time with family :) the rolls are stunning btw

  6. OMG These rolls are looking beautiful... Love it...

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  7. Awesome rolls, simply delicious n healthy...gr8 idea...

  8. Awesome idea........very refreshing & interesting.

  9. Its different!! Like the idea, quick and easy when guests arrive:))

  10. Its different!! Like the idea, quick and easy when guests arrive:))

  11. Looks yummy and healthy!!!Beautiful presentation...

  12. Time does pass by quick when we're enjoying with family, and especially if they're staying for a short time. No matter how much we plan, it's never enough!! :)

    Cucumber & zucchini rolls make for an excellent presentation when guests are over.

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    Giveaway # 1 - Cupcake Carrier - Bake n' Take!

  13. simply delicious..inviting you to join Street Party Food Event in my blog


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