Friday, 15 June 2012


One of the oldest Indo-Chinese restaurants in Panaji, called Goinchin serves a salad with their food as an accompaniment. And it was awesome so delicious that we asked for a second helping of it.

That is when I asked the Captain what it is called and how it is made. I was told it is called Kimchee and its just cabbage that they have used with vinegar and red chilli powder.

Today I made it.

There are no proportions that I have used just a cup of cabbage chopped, red chilli powder and salt, vinegar.

Mix them up and let it stay mixed. I mixed it in the morning with the rest of my cooking it tasted awesome in the night.

Just out of curiosity I googled Kimchee and I find that it’s a Korean dish. Please do check it out here.

Sorry there are no pictures as my camera is feeling sick and has been admitted to ICU. (Read for in house repairs).Will be getting it back hopefully in 8 days.

This has been typed out urgently to be in time for Pradnya’s CFK Cabbage which she is guest hosting for Kalyani.

Also to Kirthi's Serve it -Raw



  1. I was planning to use up all my cabbage today (it's been in the fridge over 10 days!) making different dishes.

    I'm going to make a small portion of this and try what it tastes like!
    Good that you shared this & I saw this post at the right time :D

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  2. love kimchi and your recipe is very good.

  3. dish dish sounds interesting..also very simple to prepare !!

  4. I love kimchi, but always tried with the Napa cabbage. I am going to try with regular one too.

  5. khimchi sounds interesting. hope your camera get well soon :)

  6. Dish looks nice..your event link is not working for me..plz check it out.

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  7. looks so easy to prepare and delicious...mouthwatering!

  8. hi dear, the korean kimchi is my favorite- eat with fillet or as sandwich filling... seems very easy to prepare, but i have tried yet.
    Aolso, thanks you, i have linked my pine nut recipe to your blog. have a nice day

  9. very interesting and simple recipe....
    First time here in your space....very glad to be your follower :)
    Do Visit my space when you find time

  10. Love Kimchi......Nice post sis......

  11. I love kimchi!!!! How u doin Archana..Long time :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  12. Lovely blog with yummy recipes..happy to follow visit my space in your free time..

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