Sunday, 29 July 2012

Masuru Bhakari

This is a fast post. In fact I thought I will not get a chance to post today. The reason being inspite of today being a Sunday we have a full day. I want to post and go to the meeting else I will be unable to concentrate on the agenda there.

I was not aware that Jowar/Jowla/Jawari is millet. The other day when I saw this event reminder at Akheela’s place I just googled and found that it is part of millets family. 

By strange coincidence we had Jowari roti or Bhakari as it is known in Kannnada with zunka etc. As I was down to my last roti and no zunka anymore and so I was  a bit disappointed. Then I remembered this delicious Masuru Bhakari that we used to wait for when we were kids and Amma made extra bhakari so that we could enjoy them.

There is no formal recipe as such. You just crumble al the bhakari or bhaakri. Add curds and a nice tempering of oil, mustard, green chillies (tastes better with the stuffed dried one) and salt. In the pic above for 1 roti I have added 1 tbsp of curd and rest is milk.About 1/2 cup whole milk carried it as my 3 pm  snack. By that time the curd had set to the right amount of sourness that I love. 


 And to Gayatri's WTML guest hosted by Kalyani  



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