Friday, 10 August 2012

Garam Golpapdi

Ek tha Bachpan when Amma used to make Gul Papdi.
In case you do not know what it is then it's a sweet powder make out of wheat flour and jaggery. We used to put a big spoonful in the mouth and say “Fufi” and the powder came out in puffs! Silly I know but fun, just imagine girls in STD VIII, IX &X doing this!!
Then I forgot all about it. When I saw this recipe that I had copied from Tarla Dalal it revived all those carefree days. How I miss them now!!

So before we get straight to the recipe let me tell you that the original recipe called for Khus-Khus which I have replaced with Til or Sesame seeds. 

 Garam Gulpapdi

Recipe source Tarla Dalal


1 cup whole wheat flour
½ cup ghee
1 tsp til/sesame seeds
½ cup grated jaggery
½ tsp elichi/ green cardamom


1.  Roast the til/sesame seeds till they become light brown on law flame in a kadhai/wok.
2.     Heat ghee in kadhai/wok.
3.     Add the whole wheat flour roast on low flame till golden brown stir continuously.
4.    Add til/sesame seeds cook for few more seconds
5.     Remove from flame stir and cool it a little.
6.     Add jaggery and elichi/ green cardamom stir. The jaggery will dissolve.
7.    In case it does not return to flame.
8.     Serve hot/warm.

This hardens in case it cools down so serve immediately. Since I did not know this I let it stay like a lump it was. Next time it gets shaped. In my Office the hardened   hard chiki or brittle we all enjoyed.
 P.S. Use 1-2 tbsp milk after the jaggery. The original recipe called for this and I forgot. 

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  1. Same here archana,

    Saw your post and remembered my childhood i used to be crazy about this gulpapdi but had totally forgotten about it, thanks to your post which took me back to my childhood........

  2. wish right now I can lay my hands on that yummy :-) tempting sweet..

    Thanks for linking it to SFSP event.
    Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey
    Super Foods~Super Power

  3. Such a fantastic golpapdi, feel like enjoying some.

  4. Interesting recipes, looks delicious and also yummy...

  5. Awesome :) So delicious :) Thank you for linking this entry to our event :)

  6. Delicious mix and healthy too.

  7. Delicious:) :) I have an award and an interesting game waiting for you at my blog please feel free to collect it :) Congratzzz :)

  8. super recipe...inviting you to join in Fast food - Noodles event .

  9. Interesting recipe, sounds so delicious.

  10. Delicious and colorful looking Golpapdi. Lovely preparation.

  11. Archana, this looks yummy, very new to me..

  12. Looks yummy! Thank you for sharing. Also, thank you for the visit and sweet comment at The Dedicated House. It means the world. Wishing you a grand week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  13. very nice recipe, book marking it right away


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