Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Instant Gratification~~Maggi Noodles

 My girls are big fans of noodles especially the instant kind. The other day as I was bringing back the kid no 2 from her classes in the evening she kept on telling me that she was hungry and she wanted something warm, hinting hugely at the packet of magi noodles I had brought.

 Normally the packet is for the days I am not around and they come back from hungry and my cupboards are bare (which is the happening too often these days). Finally instead of facing the uphill task of convincing her to have something else I made the stuff.

As I went on making it and adding stuff to it I could not help but remember my days in hostel.

The day we had lunch with sweets the mess was closed and my roommate and I made Maggi. Of course we did not add any veggies to it as we never had any in the room and neither of us went doing regular shopping for fruits or vegetables “Kon buy karega?” in fact as we did not want to maintain separate bottles (they were glass bottles then) of oil for cooking and hair oil we used the same coconut oil for cooking.  Eeek! How could we?  But back then we were happy with our solution.

 As I started making Maggi noodles I could help but think how much I have changed now. I want my kids to eat healthy even instant noodles. Here is what I did.

Initially I stared out with 2 blocks of Maggi and 3 cups of water but even after the requisite 2 minutes ticked away to 5 the water level was not coming down. My elder daughter came in and told me more the water should have been just 2 cups and not 3!!


3 blocks of maggi noodles with the taste maker
Water as needed
½ cup corn kernels, boiled
1 cube cheese
1 tbsp sambhar masala (adjust as per taste)
¼ tsp kolhapuri masala (optional but recommended)
Coriander to garnish


1.     Bring the water to boil with the tastemakers and the cheese.
2.    Add corn kernels, masala.
3.    Add the noodle blocks cook stirring occasionally.
4.    Once the water evaporates transfer to a bowl , garnish. Kid wanted a butter on hers.
5.    And ENJOY!

Gayatri's WTML event guest hosted by me.

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  1. the comfort food ....yum :)

  2. wow that is a cute pic....

  3. wow that is a cute pic....

  4. Nice twist to normal maggi

  5. This is best 2 minute meal invented EVER!!!
    Happy Independence Day!!

  6. Maggie with a hint of butter on the top...what more do you want to survive....absolutely divine. A total Maggie crazy :D

    Courtesy - Freight Guru

  7. Maggie with a hint of butter on the top...what more do you want to survive....absolutely divine. A total Maggie crazy :D

    Courtesy - Freight Guru

  8. So tasty, I am a complete Maggie freak and love to eat Maggie any time i feel hungry. Easy to cook and tastes great and yummy :D

    Medical Tourism India


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