Sunday, 4 November 2012

Round up of Bake Fest Part 1

I have been fortunate that I have hosted the popular  Bake Fest and humbled at the delicious link ups. Ill health has prevented me from commenting/ making the round up. in fact the number of entries I got was 94 and I was wondering how I will make the round up. So I kept postponing the inevitable...
The rest is history.
I have made this round up in bits and pieces. If it appears badly edited I apologize but I cannot go back and write all over again and again. Sitting and typing is difficult especially when you are in pain.
This is part 1 of the round up. Will add the rest of the links in the next post.
Thanks ladies.

When you see these amazing bakes that Sherin of KuksKitchen sent I was amazed. Such lovely bakes. Love them.
Black Forest Cake. 

Banana Muffins

Fairy Cakes

Braided Bread

The only way I knew Pina Colada was had in a drink but then you have Caroline Makes proving you wrong
Pina Colada cupcakes.

Pecan Puffs anyone? They are just the right size to fit in the hole in your tummy.

Kavitha of Foodmania  has made these delicious Mawa Cupcakes. They have you hending straight to the kitchen t make them.

Renuka of Pinch of salt left me in her own words Stumped when I saw this delicious Choux. Is it not a beauty to be admired? Well do eat it too if you make it and invite me too. For this is beyond me to make but right beside me to eat.

Ruchira Hoon Philip sent in this delicious Ginger and Jaggery Tea cakes. Tea cake I have heard of, ginger in my cake okay but jaggery? Do check it out ladies its delicious!!

My namesake Yes I am too at times called Achu who blogs at Tangy Minds has sent this sweet and delicious Raisins Beard Pudding. I hope she saves me a slice.
If this is not enough she comes up with some beautifully coloured Colorful Swirl Cookies ans what more she has the step-wise pics too so you cannot go wrong.

You have heard of Fruit Cakes but Miss C Flash has dished out an amazing West Indian Fruit Cake which is lighter than the normal fruit cakes. Do check it out!

Vaishali of Ribbons and Pasta, does she need an intro? Well she has sent this delicious Creamed Onions. Yes Creamed Onions. Do have a look.

I wish I had the patience to make this next cake its amazing from Cook-Eat-Burrrp an Eggless Checkerboard cake .

Feeling like a pizza, in a mood to make it ?go straight to Harini's Sugar 'n' Spice and indulge yourself with this
delicious pizza.

Want something sweet then try this ode to Melting Moments. I wish I can sink my teeth in them.

Younger sisters are a treasure. They are your best friends so here is the cake that Amrita has made for her sis for her birthday Eggless Lemon cake

Her is another entry by Amrita Eggless Rose Cupcakes.

Sit up ladies we have Jagruti of Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey coming with her Stuffed Wholewheat Buns with Chickpeas and Spinach. Just delicious and whole wheat too.

Next time I bake a cake I wish it is this delicious Eggless Mango Pound Cake that Prasha has made. Its so mouthwatering!! Do check it out ladies.

Marija of Palachinka has linked this delicious Hungarian Shortbread. It is so yum looking that I have to try it out and soon.
Hungarian Shortbread
I host an event any good friend Mythreyi does link up. Do check out her Almond Biscotti and enjoy your cuppa.

Sowmya of Nivedhanam has linked Dil Psaand/Dil Kush. It's just what I want to make for Diwali. Drool ladies.
Dil Pasand - IMG_1391
Pari Cash of Indian Vegetarian  Recipes is celebrating her 100th post with a cake, of course what better way to celebrate? But this is different. Do have a look at the Cake with Curd.
Then she sends in her Mini Vanilla Cake platter. She is celebrating in a big way dears.

A lovely brownie that's the way I will like to end my meal. If its made as deliciously as it has been done here at Pure Vegetarian Bites kya baat hai! Eggless Brownies here I come.

Sangeetha of Spicy Treats treats you with Garlic Breadsticks. Just awesome.

Vijaylakshmi Dharmraj of Virunthu Unna Vaanga has linked her Wheat Biscuits. wit this I will stop having a problem with my girls eating biscuits at the odd hours that they have. So this one goes to bookmarks.

Ladies get set to see some Usual Fare in an Unusual Way Spiced and Baked Cauliflower Bhajas by Jagruti of The Turmeric Kitchen!

Now then we have Vardhini from Cooks Joy who has linked up this absolutely delight of a Peach Crumble. It has me drooling,
Peach Crumble with Oats Topping | Cooks Joy
Now I am sure so are you... drooling I mean.

Drool on ladies I will post the second part soon.... More round up in my next post.Till then take care and...........DROOL! now make them all.

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  1. U have done a fab job in spite of the ill health! Get well soon!

  2. Beautiful roundup... Bookmarked the page for future reference....

    Event: Dish name starts with P

  3. Lovely roundup ! Everything looks so inviting :)

  4. hi archana, wow, so many delicious foodies pics. just came by to wish you and family a very Happy Diwali-- sure you all gonna be having a great fiesta huh. how's your feet..take care ok.


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