Monday, 10 December 2012

Chocolate & Strawberries

I had made this Chocolate honey frosting for a cake (recipe follows).

The amount of icing as usual was more than I needed, for my kids love chocolate in any form. But before I offered the leftover icing to them I dipped some strawberries in them. Then dried them over a butter paper in the fridge.

And you can see even I could not resist the strawberries. Too bad that we had only one container of strawberries but them the season for the luscious berries has just started.

This is my entry for Magic Mingle

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  1. Looks absolutely mouthwatering!!

  2. Who does not love chocolates and strawberry - so delicious!!!
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  3. Love this chocolate dipped strawberries, very cute.

  4. choc and strawberry...

  5. Delicious love this strawberry with chocolate.

  6. They are so tasty & yummy my kids love it

  7. chocolate +honey +icing wow what else you need to start a day on good note

  8. Rent these addictive... I was thinking of making the same then decided against it.. still have not make anything for this event... a food blogger block i guess!

  9. Super tempting chocolaty strawberries, loved it...
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