Sunday, 19 October 2014

Home remedy for Lowering Cholesterol

Home remedy for Lowering Cholesterol

For day 3 for home remedies I am posting one that my husband has every day. It’s a cholesterol lowering syrup and is practiced in traditional medicine. Taking it on a regular basis reduces cholesterol.

Home remedy for Lowering Cholesterol

  • 1 cup garlic juice
  • 1 cup ginger juice
  • 1 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1 cup cider apple vinegar
  • 3 cups honey

  • Mix the ginger, garlic lemon juice with the apple cider vinegar.
  • Heat it reduce it to 3 cups on low flame. I prefer to stir it constantly.
  • Cool it then add the 3 cups of honey.
  • Mix well and refrigerate.
  • Every morning before breakfast have a tablespoonful of this liquid.

  • Do not add water while extracting the juice of the ginger and garlic.
  • For extracting the juice grind the ginger and garlic separately in the mixer.
  •  Extract the juice by squeezing the ground pastes individually through a thin muslin cloth.
  • You know me I use the juicer.
Home remedy for Lowering Cholesterol

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  1. very useful info.I will pass this info to my mother,she uses garlic.but didnt know about other ingredients...

    Ah,after a long time I saw a post of yours in my blog feed.Happy to visit here again...

  2. Good one archana. .very essential these days with increased cholesterol becoming such a common problem

  3. Thanks for sharing this home remedy, bookmarking to try soon.

  4. Really great home remedy; safer than statins. A plant-based diet is also effective in lowering chloresterol. Love the home remedies posts :)

  5. Thanks for sharing. .it is a boon for many.

  6. This surely sounds so good Archana..won't 3 cups of honey be more?..will this be very sweet or how?

  7. very useful. Apple cider vinegar is like all purpose agent :-)

  8. Just a small input, honey should not heated/warmed, it can only be added when everything cools down since when heated honey becomes medhak, and causes the wasting of muscles.

  9. Very interesting one, Archana.

  10. Thanks for sharing this Archana. This is very helpful.

  11. Good remedy Archana will try this and let you know

  12. I am going to give this to my Mom

  13. Am sharing the link to this post with a couple of people who could use this remedy. Thanks for sharing.


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