Thursday, 5 February 2015

Cheese Straws

Cheese Straws
Cheese Straws

Like I said I goofed up big time when I forgot what my “Say Cheese” theme was. So here I am the day the post has to go up trying to meet the deadline. Struggling to make my stuff, write, click and all the background stuff we bloggers do.

So today I am making Cheese Straws! Since I had absolutely no planning I had no maida except 25 grms forget the self rising flour. No Cheddar other than the 50 grams the girls had forgotten about thank goodness Apeksha has not bothered to taste Gouda!

Next time I plan to make more, for  these are hardly anything.The girls know I am worked up so they have not come to check out the end product. They will wait, as one of them has said,” Let the camera eat first!”

Cheese Straws

Recipe Source:
  • 25 grams maida
  • 25 grams whole wheat flour 
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 25 grams butter, softened
  • 50 grams cheddar
  • 50 grams Gouda cheese
  • Pinch of red chilli powder/cayenne pepper
  • Salt and pepper
  • Water

  • Preheat oven at 180°C.
  • With a whisk mix the flours. I also added the salt, pepper and chilli powder.
  • Rub the butter into the flour mixture till it resembles a bread-crumb type mixture.
  • Add in the finely-grated cheese.
  • Add a tablespoon of water until it comes together as a dough. (I forgot about it so had to knead a lot still my dough was not as smooth as I would have liked it to be).
  • I rolled out on a baking tray to about 5mm thick circle.
  • Cut into thin strips.
  • Bake for 10 minutes or till golden in colour.
Linking to PJ's event "Say Cheese" for Srivalli's Kid’s delight.

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  1. perfect munchies for anytime :) looks so yumm !!

  2. You have done a lovey job with your last minute prep work Archana! The cheese straws look amazing.

  3. The end product is amazing.. Lol at "Let the cameras eat first"

  4. I know how dangerously addictive these straws are, i can munch them anytime.

  5. Very yummy straws. It looks perfectly baked

  6. Lol, thanks for the feast!..know these sticks will be great!

  7. Love these cheese straws, can't stop at one.

  8. Cheese straws came out looking great.

  9. I am sailing in the same boat. I have picked the cheese theme for this week's BM and haven't decided yet what to cook. :)
    These cheese straws look like a perfect treat eventhough they were made at the last minute.

  10. Love to munch on these! My kids will be happy to have them too!

  11. They look awesome! Great for snack time.


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