Monday, 2 March 2015

Blogging Marathon Meet #50 Day 2

Aww do I have to get up? 

Can I not sleep for some more time? 

Am I waking my kids to go to school? No it’s me talking to myself.

Okay I am not crazy it’s Day 2 at Chennai and after sleeping very late in the morning we are waking up to go to the beach, Marina Beach.

I was tempted to tell the ladies you go I am sleeping but the enthusiasm of all the members was so catchy plus the fact that the kids were up and willing to go made me feel …. So to cut the long story short went to the beach.

The sea this time was Bay of Bengal and it looked so beautiful. I wish I had gone in the sea instead of playing my favourite game with the waves. Come get me… nana nan you missed!!

Anyway I loved the sea though the beachfront reminded me of Juhu when I had visited it ages ago. I will prefer my regular beach haunts in Goa.

After the beach we went to Woodlands  for breakfast since there were no big tables we were 4 to a table and Usha. I enjoyed my breakfast totally. Here as we were having beakfast a lady at the next table asked us why we were all in pink. As we explained about food blogging I realised none of us were wearing aprons.

Home and change we were ready to go shopping. With the Damocles sword of baggage allowed in the flight cut all my desire to go shopping. The place where Nandini took us was amazing and her offer of prop shopping I refused. After seeing all that had been purchased I wish I had gone though.

Anyway it was time for lunch! And we went here.

Yes, the E Hotel!!

 Padma’s husband had organised lunch for us here. Its beautiful look at the interiors.

 I fell in love with all the beautiful cake models here. Apparently there was a castle and buggy which was beautiful but has been removed. How I wish I could see it.

The lunch was at the multi-cuisine restaurant "Entree" was awesomely delicious buffet!!
Food here is delicious and had me vacillating in my choices and wishing I had an expandable bag for a stomach.
There was hardly anything I did not try and like!
There were breads, pasta, spaghetti, dumpling sauce, so many varieties of salads, pickles, flat breads, gravies and a whole lot of desserts.

 But all the while I had one goal in mind “the desserts!” My favourite rasmalai was on the menu along with  Gulab Jamun, Clusters, Choco Brownie, Pineapple mousse, Mocha Pastry, Ice cream Walnut and Banana Bread ice cream with various toppings. Take a look at the pictures they will speak volumes.

We had a fun time eating here but knowing that there is more fun waiting us and was making me impatient. We were to visit the kitchens.
Since Ahmadabad where Vaishali took us to the kitchens for the first time I find myself wanting to visit restaurant kitchens now. (The other day I went in the Office canteen kitchen!) What have you made me into Vaishali?
Anyway we were taken to the conference room and down to the works….

Executive Chef Balaji and Sous Chef Hari Babu took us around the kitchen. They patiently explained everything and demonstrated two south Indian dishes for the bloggers from North. There was rasmalai being made and Chef kindly shared the recipe with me.

There were demos for making of Keppal Roti and Kara Kozhukattai. I found it fascinating especially the Keppal Roti in Goa we use the drumstick leaves to make a vegetable but for nothing else. The girls find it bitter so I can use this dish to get some greens in them. As for the Kara Kozhukattai a savoury and steamed version of any dish is welcome. To go with the dishes Chef made a delicious onion and tomato chutney that was amazingly delicious.

After that we went down to the bakery section. Here I was like a kid in the candy shop there were amazingly delicious smells and aromas and textures and flavours hanging in the air. Just breathing the air made me wish I could camp here forever and ever.

Chef Ramesh demonstrated the making of tiramisu, chocolate mousse and chocolates. I wish I really really wished I had not had lunch. This was the amazing stuff that I wanted to eat all the day long.
Then all to soon it was time to say goodbye to the Chefs and the after we thanked Sou's Chef-Mr.Hari Babu, Bakery Chef-Chef Ramesh, Executive Chef-Mr.Balaji and the General Manager  Gaurav Gupta we left the E Hotel.

What an amazing experience it was!!
Here are soem of the treasures that were in the works!

This time it was time to dress in red and visit the dinner hosted for us with a surprise element of meeting families. Though the food was delicious I could not eat I all but made up by chatting with the BMer’s families.

Soon  this day too came to an end! Only we had an amazing day planned for the day 3 the most wonderful experience in my life…
Want to know about it? Join me tomorrow…

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  1. Truly an amazing experience... We surely have no words to thank our humble hosts and those desserts. They were out of the world. LOL on the expandable tummy:)

  2. Lucky peoples, am very jealous on seeing all those funs you guys have had together in Chennai..

  3. great family photo and love the way you narrated it at the beggining

  4. Awesome experience for sure Archana!

  5. Oh my goodness, you had a riot in Cheenai.. All that food, food demos AND shopping -- you are so lucky :-)


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