Saturday, 20 August 2011

Fenugreek/Methi Seed/ Menthe/Vendayam Salad

Fenugreek or methi or mentha does not need any introduction in an Indian Kitchen. The use, the medical properties are all well documented. Here is where you can read more about it.

I still remember when my stomach was paining and I was visiting the toilet a bit too often and because I did not want to trouble my mom I did not say anything. But Amma being Amma noticed it and called me aside, gave me a big bowl of curds and some methi seeds. She told me to swallow the seeds with some curd,    “Don’t bite them”, she told me. By then I was desperate and willing to do anything! So I did as she said and was much better in no time.

Even now I use the powder made from methi/fenugreek to make a pack with curds for my hair. Arrests the dandruff and promotes hair growth the only problem is it’s to sticky and smelly.

So when Priya Mahadevan announced her event CWS- Fenugreek I was eager to send an entry to this wonder seed. This event is Kiran of Samadhura’s brainchild.

Today I will share a simple salad that Trupti my friend and colleague used to talk about often but I never tried it, basically because I cannot get the methi/fenugreek to sprout. I know that sound silly but I have tried soaking them countless number of times and tied them up in muslin, in the sprouter but I end up throwing them out.  I will welcome any suggestions to manage this one job at home.

So I went and purchased the sprouts ready from the local mall. It was a 100 grm packet I used only 1 tblspn the rest I made in a vegetable that I had after my delivery (will post the recipe soon). Made this in a hurry in the night and clicked pictures also in the night.

1-2 tblspn sprouted methi/fenugreek
1 big onion, chopped fine
1 tomato, chopped fine
Lime juice
Chilli powder

1.     Mix all the ingredients well.
2.     Let it rest in the fridge for 10 minutes.
3.     Serve chilled.

Please also send your entries to my event here.



  1. What a lovely dish - happy you are linking this to the Fenugreek event - Please use the linky tool, my dear -I will check again to see if it is there since it has not shown up yet!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous & mouthwatering

  3. Healthy and cooling salad for the body.

  4. What a healthy salad:-) Even i use methi seeds as a hair pack:-) its soo cooling!!

  5. Good and Healthy one indeed. I have never tried to sprout the methi seeds.


  6. Wow.. love this recipe :D Awesome archana :D Great going :)

  7. innovative salad I haven't had like this thank you for sharing

  8. Thanks all of you!
    @Priya: I have used the linky tool.

  9. Fenugreek salad.. its medicinal values r so high n u hv used it to the fullest.. get..hv to try this salad soon..

  10. A healthy salad!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Parts Corner

  11. So healthy and looks amazing! So many colors...

  12. what a great salad, very healthy one..lovely recipe.

  13. Never had this before n now I am curious.

  14. Healthy salad, looks super fabulous..

  15. Great salad. I am going to do it right away, as i am writing this, methi is sprouting in my kitchen.


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