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Round up of Veggie of the Month-Raw Banana/Plantian

First I would like thank all of you for your wonderful entries for the event that I hosted in the month of November'11!

I am terribly sorry for being so late in posting my round up there are few problems that  ate up all my time. Hopefully I will be a better blogger now.

Frankly I never expected much of a response for the theme. Raw banana in my honest opinion never went beyond chips, and a odd vegetable. But I was wrong there are many different way of cooking this amazing vegetable. These amazing dishes dished out by my friends are mind boggling at least to me for I never would have thought of these. Do have a look.

But before that please all, namely Priya, Akheela,Nisha,Rudra,Mythreyi,Dee, Kaveri, Malathi, Nandini, Amy  and Pranati , accept my thanks for joining me in this event. Please accept this small token of appreciation and  display it in your place. Now in case I have missed anyone Please let me know as I had a problem and I have lost some mails. You may have to mail your entry again to me but I will surely rectify the error.

Also I would like to thank Priya for giving me a chance to host this event. Had she not made me think of different vegetable this would have been a mushroom or potato event. Not that I have anything against the veggies I had to think, think and think both to choose my veggie and the end results too!  and that is what a foodie does does she not?

Let begin with  the amazing Priya of Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes. One of my first friends from the time I stopped being an anonymous blogger . Amazing lady keeps dishing out delicious dishes with amazing ease sent in this Pepper Raw Banana Podimas.

Next presenting is Akheela of Torview Toronto , in case you have not seen her place yet please do so. She has amazing  pictures and dishes. Do have a look at her other blog also Create with Mom for amazing ideas for fun ideas to create with your children. But for now she has sent this Green Plantain Curry using Pandan leaf. Wow!

What do I cook for lunch? Question troubling you? Try Nisha's Kerala Style Raw Banana and Potato Curry cooked with pearl onions( which I always assumed was to be dumped only in sambhar thanks Nisha for one more option) a lovely flavourful curry. Tastes good with roti and rice.

Who does not like fried stuff?  Simple but delicious. Try these Plantain Chips from  Rudra of Mom's Corner and enjoy the delight on your kids faces  when you pack their tiffin boxes or just for after school snack.  See if you can stop popping a few in.

Want some Yum! Yum! Yum! snack? Don't want to fry ? In a mood to bake but don't want to bake cakes or brownies? Try these Potato Wedges that my good friend Mythreyi has sent just baked. Just for you. Who can resist these beauties?  

The goodness of dates we all know, even the children know but when it comes to eating them if you have reluctant  eaters like mine try these Chatpati Dates Tikki from Dee's Kitchen. Very fine blend of flavours and very innovative. Watch the Tikki disappear with amazing speed.

It is only recently that I have met Kaveri but when I  want the authentic taste of Palakkad I make it a point to visit her. Try her space at Palakkad Chamayal. here is one sample of what delicious stuff  Kaveri makes.Delicious Spicy Vazhakkai Curry  it goes well with anything rice or roti.

Kids back from school? Serve them these yummy Raw Banana Patties. Tasty &healthy . Do check out Malathi wher she has not only listed the benefits of raw bananas but also on how to choose one. I remember not too long ago coming home with one that was ripe.

You could also check out her veggie Grated  Raw Banana Palya/Subzi to go with your dinner. Malathi has learnt it from her Mom. Tastes yummy as Mom's know the best.

Like I said Raw Banana is quite like a potato so it can be used in place of potatoes. So just try this Vazhakka(i) Thoran that  Nandini of Nandini's food has sent. Looks so delicious does it not? I am sure it tastes yummy too!

Now I really need to thank my next friend Pranati Nath of Delicious Recipes 4m Pranati's Kitchen. Pranati has sent in  3 awesome recipes. Thanks  Pranati Here they are: First one is  Raw Banana Chips don't they look store brought?

Next she has this awesome Dahi Banana. I for one never had thought of adding raw bananas and dahi this is really looking yummy dear.

Who does not like South Indian Food? Here is Pranati again with a delicious coconut based gravy Raw Banana in Coconut gravy (South Indian Style). Yummy Yummy. I am drooling dear. Thanks for all the entries.

Now how can I forget my good friend Amy. The delicious SriLankan dishes that she puts up so artistically. Here is her entry Ash Plantain Fry. do vist Amy at the Food Corner and drool at all the delicious dishes she churns out.

Now here are my entries.
Raw Banana Paratha
Raw Banana Palya
Raw Banana/plantain Curry
Sabudana Khichidi Again

Please let me know if I have missed anyone out. Thanks a lot.



  1. nice round-up archana; heart-felt write up too; there are quite a few dishes that has caught my eye ; anyways there is a giveaway in my blog, do check it out n participate

  2. Super delicious and wonderful roundup, thanks for ur kind words..

  3. Excellent round up of recipes. Each one of them are tasty and inviting.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Nice Roundup Archana! Lovely recipes

  5. Archana, Am a big fan of plantains too, because when i was a kid we had them growing in my parents house and my mom dishes out lots of varieties of cooked plantain. She even makes a chutney with plantain skins, which i posted in my blog a couple of months ago. Sorry i couldn't participate in this event, i had zero computer time all of November. Will surely try to participate in your future events. This is a beautiful roundup and i am now intrigued with your parathas.

  6. love the roundup thanks for the thoughtful words :) Archana this means a lot to me
    happy holidays to you and family

  7. Great round up with so many new and interesting dishes to try out.

  8. Amazing round-up...guess i have been missing a lot of action!!


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