Friday, 14 November 2014

Restaurant Review at The Baker's Studio, Baga, Goa!

The month of November began like a dream come true.

November the climate is pleasant and great for outings. So I went on an overnight picnic with my friends just us ladies …. No husbands, no kids just us and lots of fun. If that was not enough I was connecting with another set of friends. This time, friends who blog; yes we are totally different aliens!

Blogging community in Goa is small and I have always wanted to connect with the other Goan Bloggers (especially when I see the FB pictures of   bloggers of say Chennai etc.) As a consequence, I joined the Goan Bloggers Lounge and we meet once a month.  During our recent meet, we met Sapna of Plug PR and she arranged a review of The Baker’s Studio, a bakery and confectionary shop.

In the many bakeries and confectionery shops that dot Goa, each better than the next one, what is it that makes The Baker’s Studio different? Where is it located?

The Baker’s Studio, at Tito’s Lane, Saunta Vaddo, Next to Star Magic Gift Shop, Baga, Goa, is a French Bakery and Café. Cheerful  The Baker’s Studio uses traditional methods of baking and freshest of ingredients in the kitchen to produce high quality breads, pastries, desserts! The best part is you can have breakfast all though the day at The Baker’s Studio! For the concept of The Baker’s Studio says, Because breakfast is a fun experience.”

The  Baker’s Studio is the sister concern of Delicieux, a French bakery and confectionary specialized in high quality products. Delicieux Gourmet is the line of fine products made for the Indian market: organic cheeses, olive oil, granola, and whey drinks.

The Baker’s Studio is trendy bakery/café that serves great snacks in a European café atmosphere. They have both indoor and alfresco desk.  The food served here is a peek into classic French art of cuisine. Like I have said earlier, the The Baker's Studio serves breakfast all day. The menu incorporates several international recipes as well as traditional ones, but leans towards American cuisine.

So next time you want “Healthy food & Delicious Desserts based around Fresh Baked Artisan & Pastry products like pure butter croissants; delicious espressos, cappuccinos and frappes prepared using select organic coffees; desserts, cakes, you know where to head! The décor is in muted pastels, with painting an elegant French setting. All this plus enabled Wi-Fi makes you want to linger for hours. The only minus for me was the music, it was too loud.

This is the first time I saw a pictorial menu, not just some pictures copied and pasted but tastefully done pictures. This is very useful for many, as frequently, what you envisage when you order and what you get are two different things!

We were met at the Baker’s Studio, by Lucie Masson and Varun Sood the “Concept Creators”, with a cup of delicious chocolate, yes delicious hot chocolate. People who know me know that I love chocolate and prefer to bite in my chocolate, chocolate drinks and ice creams are a definite no-no with me! But the chocolate served here at Baker’s Studio is DELICIOUS!! A must have, I was wishing I could have one more cup but the buffet was so very inviting that I had to shelve my plans of more hot chocolate . A thought shared by my friends Anuradha and Sharmila, my co-bloggers!
Liquid Chocolate

The buffet was beautiful with condiments like hummus, baba ghanoush, tazatki, nachos! The various breads like garlic, sundried tomato bread, cheese bread and if that was not enough there were cheese straws, breads sticks, etc.
The Buffet

Hummus and Baba Ghanoush

The bread display

Bread Display

The cheese board was a deliciously arranged local cheese. There was cheddar, feta, and one similar to brie and they were good!

There was yummy chicken pasta salad, Greek salad. There are bacon and chicken croquets for those interested in them.

For desserts there was fruit compote, meringue delicious and melt in the mouth butter cookies, the yum vanilla cake slices but the piece de resistance was the chocolate brownie, chocolaty and delicious!

For the health freaks, fresh fruits are served! Anuradha had a delicious looking mint lemonade while Sharmila and I shared a frappe!  the frappe and one dessert that I wanted to try, admired but had no space to try!!! 
All this was a bit too much and a stroll round the Studio had me asking for the outstanding mushroom quiche. I also asked for a portion of vegetable Stromboli but did not enjoy it much, vegetable flavours clashed.  
Like Lucie says that,” When we decided to make Baker’s Studio, we wanted to create an experience.”

One has to try the place to experience it! Check out their newly made site for details here.
Finally I will like to thank my hosts Lucie Masson and Varun Sood the “Concept Creators”, Sapna and my friends Anuradha and Sharmila for a wonderful time I have had here!

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  1. Wow! I haven't been to Goa for years... now remembering how nice it is :)

  2. wow! I really miss that family vacation at mambo's at Baga! Food looks great! except that bread lizard..ewww :P

  3. Hey I enjoyed the company just as much as the food.

  4. Awesome post. I enjoyed your post a lot. I would like to share something that monginis is the best bakery in goa.


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