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Spiced Lime Pickle/Lemon Pickle without Oil

Spiced Lime

I have my Mom’s cookbook, rather the cookbook that my Father had presented my Mom. It was his way of telling her that he liked food to be cooked in different ways not just the regular Karnataka Style.

 The cookbook had a cover when I flicked it, yes my sister does not know about the book and my brother was too small and of course my bhabhi, she has no clue!!! :D

This was in the pickle section, I realised that Amma used to make this delicious pickle and I do not know if she read this in the book or it’s a traditional recipe! I have made this pickle too often to read the recipe.

If you are like me left with pieces of lime, ginger or ginger then add them in a clean bottle. Sprinkle salt in the bottle on a regular basis. You will have delicious pickle ready.

This is my lemony entry for Blogging Marathon #46.
Spiced Lime

Spiced Lime Pickle/Lemon Pickle without Oil


  • 24 lime
  • ½ kg green chillies
  • ½ kg ginger
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 3 tblspn salt, heaped
  • A big dry bowl
  • Clean and dry glass bottle


  • Wash and dry the lime.
  • Similarly wash and dry the ginger pieces.
  • Cut the lime in 8 pieces and drop them in the dry bowl.
  • Peel and cut the ginger in small pieces add them in the same bowl as the lime.
  • Cut the green chillies in small pieces add them in the same bowl as the lime.
  • Mix 2 tblspn salt and turmeric in the bowl and mix well.
  • Sprinkle salt in the jar.
  • Put the jar in sun everyday with a clean muslin cloth tied on top. Do this for 6-7 days. In case you don’t have sunshine then you will need t 15 days for the pickle to get ready.
  • Stir the lime daily by shaking the jar.

  • My Mother-in-Law added slices of karela/bitter gourd too. It was tasty and not bitter.

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  1. So simple and yet so delicious.I would live on curd rice if I have this pickle!!!

  2. I want to make this now! Thanks for the recipe :)

  3. so simple and so delicious... curd rice with this pickle will be soo good..

  4. Such a simple recipe. I would try to try it.

  5. that's innovative pickle without oil,yummmy!

  6. Sounds quite interesting Archana...that book must be so precious!

  7. A love pickle this pickle is mouthwatering.

  8. Slurp slurp, hard to resist to this no oil pickle.

  9. I do this all the time.. yummy pickle :-)

  10. I like the idea of adding karela, otherwise I never know how else to enjoy karela except by frying it full on. The bitter gourd is such a healthy veggie otherwise. Thanks for sharing your recipe Archana, hope you have been doing fine. Are you coming to the GALF in panjim/ICG this weekend?

    1. Hi Helene ou ar emost welcome. Thanks even I was thinking of using karela in my pickle this week. As for GALF @ICG I will not make it.

  11. Simple and delicious lemon pickle.

  12. My husband's aunt makes this pickle quite often and I love the pickled green chilies in them. Lovely pickle Archana.


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