Friday, 25 September 2009


Hot rice, ghee, salt a dash of lime, papad and methkut or menthe hit.
This is one of my favourites.
Methkut as in Marathi and Menthe hit as in Kannada is considered healthy and boy is it versatile.
In Karnataka it is used in almost anything rice, pohe/ awalakki (the thin variety), churmure/churmuri, in curds as an accompaniment.
This is how you make the powder.
2 cups Channa dal/ split chick pea
A small bit of asafoetida/hing (if you are using powder use 1 tsp)
1 cup urid dal/ split black lentil
A few seeds Gahu/ wheat (optional)
Turmeric powder
1 tblsps Jeera /cumin seeds
Little less than 1 tblsps Dhania /coriander seed
Few seeds menthe/fenugreek seeds
1 tsp rice
1. Wash the rice remove all the water and pat dry.
This is the important part don't lose patience and raise the flame!!
2. On low flame dry roast till light brown, the chana dal/ split chick pea.
3. Then dry roast the urid dal/ split black lentil, again till light brown.
4. If you are using wheat dry roast them till they splutter.
5. Dry roast the asafoetida/hing, Dhania/coriander seeds, jeera/cumin seeds, and menthe (for an added flavour my mom used to put one red chilli) till they you get an aroma, individually.
6. Lastly dry roast the rice grains till they are pinkish.
7. Add the turmeric and cool all the ingredients.
8. Dry grind in the mixer to a fine powder.
9. Sieve the powder use the fine powder as METHKUT OR MENTHE HIT.
Store in an airtight container on your kitchen shelf. Remember to use a dry spoon.
Eat with rice,salt and a dash of lime mixed together with papad and pickle.

P.S. The coarse stuff left over in the sieve can be mixed with finely chopped onion, tomato and curds as an Accompaniment (you can use the powder also). You could also add phodni/vagarni of oil, mustard, asafoetida/hing and green chillies and coriander. Serve with chapatti.

Monday, 14 September 2009


I made Biryani!!
You may wonder what is so big about it, every woman makes it sometime or other but you see it was something everyone has liked. That is something!! Yes!! No complaints only questions as to why I made so little.
So how did I hit on the right mix?
It began with the tomatoes which were ripening and spoilt by the end of the day. So I decided that I will make an onion tomato paste and stick it in the freezer.
1) I made a crush of 4 large onions in the mixer.
2) In between I decided to add some
a) green elichi rinds that I have been hoarding for God knows what say about 10 skins,
b) 2 green elichi/cardamom (optional),
c) 1 inch piece of cinnamon/dalchani,
d) 2 cloves/laung,
e) 5-6 peppercorns/miri,
f) 2 teaspoons of kacha masala,
g) 1/2 tsp of Goan masala (optional),
h) 3-4 green chilies,
i)3 tblspn ginger garlic paste
i) A large teacup heaped coriander leaves, a handful mint leaves 3-4 holy basil/tulsi leaves and grind away.
3) Now add 3 tblsps of oil add all the crush above and
microwave for 3 minutes.
4) In the meanwhile crush 4 tomatoes in the mixer.
Since I had some ½ cup of very old cashew nuts pieces I added them and crushed them.
5) Add this to the onion paste stir well and microwave for another 2-3 minutes. Cool and freeze. This paste you can use in any of your Punjabi gravy dish or a quick fix for any vegetable depending on your taste.
6) In another bowl mix chopped vegetables like cauliflower , carrots, green peas with 1 ½ cup of curd, turmeric, 1 tsp chilli powder,2 onions sliced lengthwise and fried in oil golden brown, salt to taste. Keep aside for 2-3 hours. (I used only green peas as vegetables, because of the girl's mutiny and threat, that they will not eat if I use the cauliflower etc. and left it in the fridge overnight).
7) Next day cook 1 cup rice with only 1 cup of water.
8) While the rice is cooking add to 1 cup of the onion paste mixture that you have marinated and cook for 1 minute in the microwave. (As I was feeling quite disappointed with the amount of vegetable I decided to add paneer cut fine. So I mixed the paneer and microwaved for 1 minute).
9) Then arrange one layer of rice then add one layer of vegetables gravy repeat with rice in a thick bottomed pan. Since my quantity was small and pressure pan quite big I was done in 3 layers.
10) Add 1/2 cup of milk in which you have soaked saffron on top of the rice layer. Cover.
11) Return the pan on the stove on low flame. Since I use the pressure pan I use the gasket and do not use the weight /whistle on top. My test of the biryani done is when it starts gently steaming on the top.
12) Serve with tomato, cucumber, boondi raita.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Chermoula Mushrooms

Food expert Rushina in Reader's Digest May'09 give the recipe of Chermoula Prawns. She has said that Chermoula is a marinade used in Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian cooking, usually for fish and seafood but she likes it with chicken, potatoes and mushrooms.

She has also said Chermoula has many recipes using different proportions here is what I made and we have liked.

1/3 cup olive oil

3 tblspn chopped coriander leaves

5-6 tulsi i.e. holy basil leaves

2 tblspn lemon juice

2 green chillies

200 g mushrooms cut into quarters

  1. In the mixer grind all the ingredients into coarse puree season with salt.
  2. In a bowl arrange the mushrooms sprinkle some salt.
  3. Spoon the above mixture covering the all the mushrooms well.
  4. Cover and refrigerate for ½ an hour, stir occasionally.
  5. Arrange the mushrooms in a foil lined tray and grill on one side for 3 minutes.
  6. Turn the mushrooms carefully and grill again I did it for 5 minutes this time.

Tastes just yummy!!!

P.S. Girish has asked me to try it on boiled vegetables. Will do it sometime next week and report.

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