Monday, 31 December 2012

Guest Hosting Only Street Food of the World

Food  Food and Food is what makes the world move. From times immemorial animals and man have fought just for food.

Do you know that Street food was once a necessity for the urban poor? 

What is Street food? According to Wikipedia,” Street food is ready-to-eat food or drink sold in a street or other public place, such as a market or fair, by a hawker or vendor, often from a portable stall. While some street foods are regional, many are not, having spread beyond their region of origin. Most street foods are also classed as both finger food and fast food, and are cheaper on average than restaurant meals. According to a 2007 study from the Food and Agriculture Organization, 2.5 billion people eat street food every day.
Today, people may purchase street food for a number of reasons including "ethnic taste, nostalgia, and the opportunity to eat quickly obtained, reasonably priced and flavorful food in a sociable setting." Historically, in places such as ancient Rome, street food was purchased because urban poor did not have kitchens in their homes.” Want to learn more check here.
After increasing hearing about I ate Tawa pulav or Pav Bhaji today to Shorma, momos  I was worried about the hygiene  and wanted to recreate at least a few at home. So when Pari, yes Pari of the Only series had this slot for Street Food Of The World I jumped, grabbed the opportunity.

So come January’13 I will be hosting the 'Only' event Street Foods of the World!  There is also a giveaway that you are entitled to.

So let us get down straight to the rules.

·    Please leave your entries in the linky tool below.  There are two linky tools, for India and for other countries. 
·       The winner for giveaway will be chosen from the Indian entries (followers) only and by a random method. People living in other countries who want to participate in the giveaway and can provide an address in India, should also post their entries under heading 'Indian, only.
· Rules for the giveaway also includes that he/she has to be a follower of Foodelicious blog publicly and like Foodelicious facebook fan page.
·    Before you post your entries in the linky tool, please make sure that in you have linked your post to this page and Pari's Page  and used the logo as that helps spreading word. 
·     Only Vegetarian entries will be accepted (eggs are allowed).
·  One can post any number of fresh entries and up to two entries from the archives provided that the entry is re-posted in the correct format.
·       If rules are not followed, I will have no alternative but to remove the entry.
·  In case you are not able to use the linky tool, send the entry to
·  Non-bloggers can also participate, simply mail me your recipe along with a picture and I will post it on your behalf.
The linky will open on 1st Jan at 00:00hrs Indian time.
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Hi! First time here? Well then you are Most Welcome! I hope you keep coming back for more here. If you are my regular visitor then Thanks, for you encourage me to experiment more!! I would like you to please click on my link below and like my Face Book page. I will be happy if you can follow me on Twitter too!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Pepper Bhindi.

My brother asked me if I knew if how to make pepper bhindi that Amma used to make. Bhindi being Lady finger or Orka! And it was something that they had eaten in a Indo-Chinese restaurant in Goa.

Since I had never eaten it, yes it was something she made after I was married off I was at a loss. When we discussed it he told me there are onions and bhindi in it. The bhindi was cut lengthwise and there was pepper and soya sauce in it.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Kids Delight~ Story Book Special Round up

Stories that is what we listen to as kids first at our parents, grandparents feet, then we were introduced to books. 

And then it was an introduction to whole new foods. So When Srivalli and I choose this as our theme for Kids Delight I was thrilled and knew I would get exciting entries.

So let get down to the roundup dears as we are all eager to know what the other person loves in food in books.

So here it is all 

1. Stick Toffee Chocolate Blondies   Sweet 'n' Savoury


15.Fruit pani puri by Desi Fiesta
Fruit pani puri
Blueberry Scone - IMG_0521
25.Snow White Pudding By Rani's Gourmet

26.Easy Peasy Pulao Vegan By The Yogi Vegetarian

27.Eggless Vanilla Cake by Seduce your Tastebuds
28.Sukku Kapi by Seduce your Tastebuds
29 Masala Oats Porridge by Seduce your Tatsebuds
30.Paal Payasam by My Cooking Journey

31.Spicy Fried Tofu by My Cooking Journey

32.Rasagulla by My Cooking Journey

33.Cheese Quesadilla by My Cooking Journey

34.Vendakkai/Ladies Finger Curry/ Okra curry(Okra dry curry made the South Indian style) by My Cooking Journey 

35. Carrot Tomato Chutney by My Cooking Journey

36.ChickPeas (Garbanzo Beans) Cucumber Salad(Mediterranean Style) by My Cooking Journey

37.Homemade Oven Fries (herbed) by My Cooking Journey

40. Butter Beer by The Mad Scientist's Kitchen.

Thanks all of you. I am sorry that many of your contributions I have not acknowledged personally. Please excuse me as... no more excuses just Sorry. But I appreciate all your entries and Thanks to you thisis an excellent event. I did not expect 40 entries. Thanks to Srivalli for giving me this opportunity and readily agreeing to this theme. 

Hi! First time here? Well then you are Most Welcome! I hope you keep coming back for more here. If you are my regular visitor then Thanks, for you encourage me to experiment more!! I would like you to please click on my link below and like my Face Book page. I will be happy if you can follow me on Twitter too! 

Sunday, 23 December 2012


This was an award that I had received ages ago but I never got to posting it. Sorry Sukanya and Thanks.
Here goes
Here is a 7*7 award.  This 7*7 tagging is your golden ticket to showcase your good, bad and ugly post along with a secret wish ;-) about your,  yourself that you have to share with the world. So here we go …
A secret wish?  It’s just that,a secret.
The Most Beautiful Piece: Macaroni Supreme as it’s what my daughter made as Chef and we loved it.
 Most Helpful Piece:  Soothing Dalia Soup it helped me the most.
 Most Popular Piece:  Milkmaid Eggless Cake never thought this will still be the most popular piece.
 Most Controversial Piece:  None as yet
 Most Surprisingly Successful Piece: CornDhokla, Chocolate Pudding
Most Underrated Piece:  CheeseCrackers
Most Pride-worthy Piece:   Egg lessQuiche
And one more Sunshine Award that Pallavi has tagged me with. Thanks Pallavi.
The Rules:
§ If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you.
§ You must answer some questions and nominate 10 fellow bloggers and link their blogs in your post. Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them!

Here come the questions and answers:
1.      Who is your favorite philosopher? 
Huh? We do not exist on the same planet.
2.      What is your favorite number? 
0 ,Zero.
3.      What is your favorite animal?
4.      What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs?
5.      What is your favorite time of day? 
The time I am fast asleep
6.      What was your favourite vacation? 
Since I prefer to look forward it’s the next one we plan to take.
7.      What is your favorite physical activity? 
Heating the chair but hardly get a chance now it’s just work, work & work for now.
8.      What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
 Citrus Blue.
9.      What is your favorite flower? 
Mogra or jasmine.
10.       What is your passion? 
To cook better than yesterday
And finally these awards go to:
1.    +Swasti
2.   + Gauri
3.  +  Mytheryi
4.  +  Swati
5.    +Priya  
6.   +Priya  
7.    +Gayathri
8.  +  Archana

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Butter Cholay

Birthday are celebrated in a big way in our Office. The birthday boy or girl is expected to throw a treat big or small and we all wait for the treat. Greedy gluts that we all are J . Generally we have something that is quite filling. Like bhaji pav (not pav bhaji mind you but bhaji pav--the Goan style), or chaat, idli vada etc.

The wishing done bouquet handed over and the food devoured at our worktables we are all back to work. 

We discuss what have just eaten and the ingredients and how I make it and …. You get the general idea.

This time around when we were served bhaji pav, I was a bit busy so I just looked at the red bhaji and wondered what the stuff was and continued with what was at hand.  After I finished my call my neighbour told me to just taste the bhaji and see.  Fearing the worst I tasted just the bhaji and was transported to those carefree days when weight was not a problem. Tucking food in was not tucking in sugars, cholesterol and it was sheer pleasure.

 The gravy was butter chicken gravy and cholay buried under the gravy!! Something that I had forgotten about!! How can I not make it at home? Then not share it here, my wonderfully supportive family in the Blog World, especially since I can still hear the compliments that came my way.

Well taking into consideration that hubby and FIL need to take care of cholesterol I avoided khoya or mava. I felt that the dish was not exactly butter chicken gravy but came close to it but like I said I had no complaints.

Do not let the long ingredients list put you off. It’s all there in your pantry.


·       250 grams Cholay, soaked overnight and boiled
·       4 onions, peeled and cut in coarse pieces
·       3 big tomatoes, blanched
·       1 bulb garlic
·       1 inch piece of ginger
·       ½ tsp coriander seed
·       1/8 tsp jeera
·       1 inch piece of cinnamon
·       1  Clove
·       2-3 pepper corns
·       1 green cardamom
·       1 tsp red chilli powder
·       ¼ tsp pav bhaji masala
·       1 Badi elichi (optional)
·       ¼ cup magza seed or melon seeds (substitute with cashew nut say 2 tblsp or 8 -10 seeds) 
·       1 cup thick milk ( I used left over milk that had become quite thick  with repeated heating)
·       1 tbspn  kasuri methi
·       Oil
·       butter
·       Salt
·       Sugar to taste


1.     Boil the onions in a little water. Drain and transfer to the mixer jar.
2.     In the chutney pot of the mixer grind the magza seeds (toast them first).
3.     Grind the onion, garlic, ginger, coriander seeds, jeera, clove, cinnamon, pepper corns, cardamom to a fine paste.
4.     In a thick kadhai/wok add the oil and then the butter. Add the badi elichi if using and fry.
5.     Add the ground paste to the oil butter mix and stir fry on low flame till the oil separates.
6.     As this is frying add the blanched and peeled tomatoes to the mixer jar and puree the tomatoes.
7.     Add the pureed tomatoes to the kadhai/wok and fry till oil separates.
8.     Add the toasted magza seeds and stir.
9.     Add the boiled cholay, kasuri methi, salt and let it boil for a few minutes. When the gravy thickens a bit add the milk and bring to boil again.
10.  Adjust the seasoning add the pav bhaji masala and the red chilli powder and let the gravy thicken.
11.  Serve hot with rotis, puri or even steamed rice.
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