Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mere Attithi Series# 2 Eggless Walnut Muffins

Most of us are aware of the versatile blogger who churns out amazing recipes and  at the rate that amazes me!
Have you tried her recipe index? The lady is amazing. Once in a bid to reduce my bookmarked recipes, I did not bookmark her pasta recipe and when I tried hunting for it when I needed it I was lost. Just lost!!

Who am I talking about? My guest for today is...none other than Priya Suresh the driving force behind the blog  Priya's Versatile Recipes!!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Chocolate Lamingtons

Lamingtons like I said yesterday was our July Challenge for the Eggless Baking Group. A group started by Gayatri where we try and convert bakes with eggs to egg less.

  I posted the Lemon Curd Lamingtons.   check these Chocolate Lamingtons out.

Lemon Lamingtons

 Do you girls collect recipes in books, files chits etc. I have this habit and the reams that they fill are enough to go round the earth at least twice.

 I am not exaggerating! Honestly, or should I say God promise! :)

So there are recipes and recipes that are just lying there for me to try out. Occasionally one of them makes its way to the top of the pile.  I was just thinking Lamingtons and if I can get someone interested in them, when for the egg less baking group Gayatri’schallenge was Lamingtons.

She gave us a choice of both Chocolate flavoured and lemon flavoured.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Masuru Bhakari

This is a fast post. In fact I thought I will not get a chance to post today. The reason being inspite of today being a Sunday we have a full day. I want to post and go to the meeting else I will be unable to concentrate on the agenda there.

I was not aware that Jowar/Jowla/Jawari is millet. The other day when I saw this event reminder at Akheela’s place I just googled and found that it is part of millets family. 

By strange coincidence we had Jowari roti or Bhakari as it is known in Kannnada with zunka etc. As I was down to my last roti and no zunka anymore and so I was  a bit disappointed. Then I remembered this delicious Masuru Bhakari that we used to wait for when we were kids and Amma made extra bhakari so that we could enjoy them.

There is no formal recipe as such. You just crumble al the bhakari or bhaakri. Add curds and a nice tempering of oil, mustard, green chillies (tastes better with the stuffed dried one) and salt. In the pic above for 1 roti I have added 1 tbsp of curd and rest is milk.About 1/2 cup whole milk carried it as my 3 pm  snack. By that time the curd had set to the right amount of sourness that I love. 


 And to Gayatri's WTML guest hosted by Kalyani  


Friday, 27 July 2012

Round up of Kitchen Cronicle... Go Nuts

I must thanks all of you for not only sending me  your entries for Kitchen Chronicle... Go Nuts  started by Kalyani  but also waiting patiently for me to post the round up.

I got 28 amazing entries. Thanks all of you. Please do check out this round up.

So what are we waiting for here we go.....

 Priya Vassu  of Enveetu Kitchen has sent in a power packed Multi Grain Flakes and Flax Seed Powder... who say tasty should not be healthy?
Mix Fruit and Dry Fruits Halwa anyone...Mmmm again from Priya Vassu take a look
No festival is complete in my house without Kaju Katli so this recipe by Jagruti of Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey is welcome.
You can also celebrate Olympics  with her delicious her delicious Sabudana Chevdo. All the better if Jag makes it what say...
And when we are it why not ask Jag to make these delicious Mixed Nuts Oats and Whole Wheat Cookies 
In this days of instant everything  why should your idlis not be instant? Do check these  Rawa Idlis  by Princy Vinoth at Spicy Food 
Dates are a powerhouse of goodness imagine when you mix them with nuts and the best part no bake yahooo! Ladies Priya  Sreeram from Bon Appetit with her Sticky Nuts and Dates Squares
 Whatsup doc? Julie from Erivum Puliyam an amazing baker with her  her delicious Carrot Cake... Just keep Bugs Bunny away...

Salads what a delicious option to filling the belly, simple and fast. Cabbage is good for you, radish is better but mix up a few walnuts and watch you weight go down down down... Check out Nirmalas Radish cabbage and walnuts salad.

We have Recipe World sharing her recipe of Chocolate truffles
Chocolate Peanut Truffles
Simple Delicious and filling. Just what we look out for.
You have heard about Olives and know about its health benefits but when you read Wan here its amazing. Her posts are always filled with a lot of health benefits and they are beautifully researched and wow presented. Do check out Wan's delicious Pesto Sauce recipe
You have all heard and tried out Paneer and Peas but have you tried making it in Cashew and Almond Sauce? Do try it out Priya Satheesh 's Paneer n Peas in Cashew Almond Sauce.... 
Satya Bolo this picture does it not have you drooling? 
It is courtesy Satya from Super Yummy Recipes with her Divinely Soft and Nutty Pumpkin Loaf. Slurp!

Have you tried Museli? in a salad ? Well after this you will do check out Gayatri from Gayatri's Cook Spot and her Nutty Carrot Salad. 

When I see the next entry to this event I rue the fact that I have no company to eat sweets. What else can I do but drool and drool and smack me lips when I see Bakalava from Achu of Tangy Minds!!!:) 
Cookies and milk anyone? What I am just repeating what Harini and Jay a have been asking ? Do not believe me then check out the lip smacking Vegan Almond Oatmeal Cookies here. I for one will want them.  
Vegan Pumpkin Almond Oatmeal Cookies

We all love cakes, mini cakes are better you can eat many more and no cutting, pick up and pop them in.So do try out these Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes better yet they are gluten free from Melting Pot a space by Madhu.
Shobha that is what these Date and Nut Rolls are! Shobha that is, decoration as they are pretty but do not go by just pretty they are extremely healthy and tasty too. Yes! you are right Shobha of Food Mazaa has make these lovely and delicious and healthy rolls. Go ahead and drool over them and then make them too.
If you have had a fill of these rolls now look at this Varo that  again Shobha has sent ... lovely and healthy Varo. Look 
Enough of sweets now dear have a look at this delicious gravy made from Sprouted Chickpeas and Paneer Kofta Curry that Nithu from Nithu's Kitchen has made here.
Enjoy Akki Roti made from Paneer and Nuts !!! Yum yum yum and what can hoodwink kids into eating these  have a look
Anu from  Anu's Healthy Kitchen  your Mixed Veggie Almond Frittata will tide over hunger pangs on a lazy Sunday in my case tide over dinner in my college kid only the snack will be healthy Thanks Anu.
Who will not like Ground Nuts? Ground Nut's Chikki or Brittle? Well Gauri from Runner Girl in the Kitchen did run in with this delicious chikki. 
More anyone?
Well here are my entries 
Thanks Ladies you have made my month. As usual I am late in posting the roundup but then I am repeating myself but
Better late than Never. 
Thanks Kalyani for letting me host this edition of Kitchen Chronicles...Go Nuts! I enjoyed myself !

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Curry Leaves Chutney

The other day my best friend Sheetal called on me.
She came bearing gifts……. a big plastic bag full of curry leaves, lovely green and delightfully aromatic just for me.
Apparently her neighbour had pruned her tree and was distributing the leaves. “Tu kide tari karbare sha” she told me which translates to make something delicious. There was one bigger bag for the Office distribution.

A houseful of guests was not the best time to take pictures but making this delicious chutnipudi was easy under hubs Maushi’sguidance.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Peanut, Coconut & Onion Chutney

Making dosa for breakfast is nowadays out of question.
 I am invariably late so the dosa have to be made by hubs, maid also is in a hurry and they get on each other’s nerves. So to avoid the associated problems I have started making dosas in the evening for dinner. They are eaten hot and the kids also are around plus I can take care of their thin and thick dosa orders.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Low fat Dahi Vada

When Nupur announced her challenge this month it was to make either spring rolls or dahi vada.
 So what is new you will ask my dear the challenge that Nupur poses is different. She chooses a deep fried dish and expects you to make it not fried but search for different options other than fried. Interesting? Well do check it out. I am sure she will add newer members.

Now I have made baked spring rolls. Dahivada with a difference here has been made by my SIL so I did not know how else to make it. In no mood to trudge to the mall to search for the spring roll wrappers which I am sure will not be there, I decided to make dahi vada.How ??? was the question that worried me.

Mango Shake

One of my favorites drink is Mango milkshake. But I hardly make it. Why?  I am the only one who relishes it.

I live with a mango hater; another will eat only mangoes that are cut and one who will only suck on the mango.

Now I am someone who will eat mango in any form, from ice cream to cut them or suck on them. Result I never make mango shake.

But this summer, when we were supposed to go out of station I wanted to clear the fridge, read finish the mango ice cream and ½ mango in the fridge. The burden to do so was on me!!

What better way than to combine the two.

So the mango the ice cream about 1 scoop and 1 cup milk went in the mixer and was blended.

Enjoyed the shake so much!!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mooga Gathi

What have I been thinking or rather not thinking. 
Moong and pepper & moong and pepper and one of Goa most delicious sprouts veggie.

 I just do not think these days. What nut I can be!

Anyway I did think of it that is important.

I have already said that Goan’s are a religious lot. In the Hindus there are days when they will not eat fish, onion and garlic. Surprised? Well so was I. They do crib about it but then they follow the rules.

What they have during these days is an explosion of tastes and masalas. One such dish is Mooga Gathi!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blue Curacao and Eggless Lemon Curd

After Mixing 

 I would like to thank each one of you for your loving messages when I said that my back was paining in my post of Methi Muthia.  Thanks a lot I am sorry I cannot thank each one of you individually (lazy here)!! I am fine now. Thanks a million!!

When we went to Mapro’s in Mahableshwar we had picked up a lot of squashes.

 The one that we enjoyed most was Citrus Blue. Once those bottles were over we were left pining for Citrus Blue. But it is not available here so when I saw Mala’s Blue Curacao I picked it up. But there are hardly any takers for it.
Before Mixing

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Methi Muthia

This is a very short post. The reason being I am unable to type; my back is paining, it’s not raining….just excuses.

The reason is I have to put up a lot of posts. I just realized that I have once again missed some events that I wanted to send my entries too or the pictures are lying in my draft folders for so long that I have forgotten what I have made, how and when… what a disaster!!

So for now till I clear my pictures it will have to be short   posts.

If you like to read me rambling about I am sorry.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Eggless Lemon Curd

Long time ago one of our friends Vivek who lives in the UK had mentioned about this delicious lemon curd. Curious I searched for the recipe and somehow the procedure listed out put me off. It seemed too complicated and eggy and what if no one eats it questions plague me and I gave up.

Now after a long time I searched was for the eggless lemon curd recipe.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Carrot Rice ~A Blog Hop

For Blog Hop this time Radhika has paired me with Santosh Bangar of Santosh’s Kitchen. I was amazed at her versatile creativity. Simple to the exotic dishes with a wide range of ingredients that is Santosh’s Kitchen!

I wanted to try out brinjals or eggplant especially the fusion variety. I even brought the ingredients needed but I find myself short of time. I was supposed to make it on Sunday but then I had forgotten that we were supposed to have a party for our friends. So my Sunday was spent in a shack at the Banastri River. What a lovely time we had!!

So the lovely brinjals were back in the fridge!! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

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