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 I had started a blog for Recipes three years ago as a tribute to two greatest influences in my life, both my mom and mom-in-law, who were great cooks!! 
Unfortunately they never wrote down what they cooked, the proportions were all in there own words,"andaz". 

So my cooking is basically the same. I struggle to get some proportion but rarely succeed twice. So the second reason for this blog is a written down text for me as to what I have made.
The recipes here are a collection for my two daughters if they may need them later in their life and I am not around to tell them in my "andaz"!
These recipes on my blog are by no means perfect.
I feel that traditional Indian cooking is about using what is available. If the proportions of the ingredients   vary a bit: “hey!" you have a new interesting dish ready.

 So come with me on my exploration of food at my blog  

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