Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I set out to make Khatkhate, a Goan delicacy but it was such a disaster that I have to record it, after this blog is all about my trails by the stove(& of course also by my long suffering Family).
Khatkhate is vegetable that has delicate flavours of a mixture of various vegetable like Munli in Konkani or arbi in Hindi, potatoes, raddish, white peas (soaked overnight), carrots, pumpkin, maize, , raw banana, ammado(Konkani) hog plum in English, cauliflower . The vegetable are boiled in salted water in the order as listed above and the next is added as the first is half cooked.
In the end fresh coconut (I needed 1 ½ coconut ) freshly grated , with 1 tsp odf coriander seeds, haldi, red chillies ground fine is added and simmered. Adjust salt to taste.
My recipe the disaster started with toooooooo much of water, so finally I had to use corn flour to thicken my gravy.
The end result in Girish's words, "its a cross between khatkhate and udmethi."
Better luck next time family dearest!!

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