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Mere Attithi Series # 4 Maa Laadu/ Porikadalai Laddu

Today in my series of Mere Athithi I am to introduce to you ladies, an person who need no introduction, in fact I should say, ”Gusthaki Maaf ho” and  just say Gayathri of GayathriCook Spot.

I just need not say a word. In fact I have no words to write (which is rare)!
But then since I have to do the MC’s job I must say something. So here goes...

Have you seen chocolate chips? Made them? Tried making eggless checker board cookies? Eggless Biscuit JacondeImprime/Entremet, Moo-Shu (Vegetarian Version) well the lady in question has made them all and not only that has the patience to take pictures of them, step-wise.  Check it out ladies!!

So GayathriKumar was initially GayathriRaani and is a homemaker by profession lives in Madurai, the Temple City, a proud mother Sruti and lovely wife of PPK.

Gayathri holds a diploma in Fashion designing and was conducting classes till she conceived Sruti. Gayathri has may accomplishments below her belt not only she is a yoga enthusiast, she does Mysore Paintings and is hoping to do an exhibition of them. Like the rest of us she loves reading novels and cookbooks.

Her love for cooking and serving is evident from the élan in which she cooked up for the Thali festival that Srivalli had hosted some time ago.(Since there are quite a few Thalis I have not linked them).

 Being a vegetarian and not an egg-eatarian, like most of us she concentrates on Egg less baking. In fact, you will find me heading the moment someone says egg less bake  to Gayathri’s Cook Spot and her recipes are fab. Let me tell you that under the name of egg less baking we have make some delicious muffins, breads, quiche yes even quiche’s egg less.

So when did Gayathri start blogging?
Hmmm, let’s us all wish Gayathri’s blog baby a very Happy Birthday as she has started blogging from   September 17th 2010.  It has been two years. May you have many such milestones Gayathri. “Now it has become my life”, confesses Gayathri candidly.

Being a fashion designer and am very interested in embroidery, stitching, crafts and painting she has just last month started an arts and crafts blogPlus another one for kitchen basics!!

The most popular posts on her blog are Chettinad Paruppu Urundai Kulambu  and Bisi Bele Bath. But her personal favourites are eggless bakes, and the Barbie she made for Sruti’s birthday.  “I can’t point out any single post but all the posts which come under eggless bakes are my favourites” she says. Well Gayathri I agree with you they are all my favourites too.

Gayathri loves all kind of food except egg and non vegetarian food which is very evident in the various cuisines that she has posted.

What makes her happy is when her readers give her a feedback. Gayathri has also said and I quote, “I have lots and lots of friends in blogosphere since two years. Even though we haven’t met in person and we live far apart, I feel that I have friends with whom I can share my joys and sorrows. When daughter fell ill, I usually get mails asking about her. I love that care the readers and blogger friends give me.”

Our sentiments exactly Gayathri!! And we will love to see you blogging till you are a grand old dame in your 100th year!

Now let us all rush to see the delicacy that Gayathri has in store for us.

Maa Laadu/ Porikadalai Laddu

When Archana asked me to write a guest post in her space, I was very happy. I had so many ideas in my head and at last this traditional sweet won. This simple sweet is made of roasted gram and sugar and is very delicate. It is very easy to prepare once you get hold of the technique. The laddus must hold shape and should not crumble. The important factor is the addition of the ghee. If you add more ghee then the laddus will not hold shape and if it is less then it will crumble. So addition of the correct amount of ghee comes with practice. It melts in the mouth and has a lovely flavour of ghee to it. This makes a good neivedhyam during poojas.

Makes 32 Laddus
Roasted Gram-250gm
Granulated Sugar-250gm
Cardamom Powder-1/2tsp
Broken Cashew-1/2cup

1. Grind roasted gram to fine powder and transfer to a plate.
2. Grind sugar and add it to the roasted gram powder.

3. Add cardamom powder to it.
4. Heat a tsp of ghee in a pan and roast the cashew nuts until golden. Add it to the plate.

5. Mix all the ingredients well.
6. Heat the remaining ghee in the pan.
7. Take a cup of the prepared flour and add hot ghee to it by table spoons.

8. Mix it with a spoon and then with your hand until it resembles bread crumbs.
9. Take a portion of the flour in the hand and press together. If it holds shape, then
the amount of ghee used is perfect. If it crumbles, add some more hot ghee.
10. Shape the flour into small tight balls.
11. Arrange on a plate and allow it to cool completely.

12. Store in airtight jar.

Thanks a lot Gayathri its a delicious ladoo!!

Here are my links t the first three in this series

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  1. I love Gayathri's blog a lot!!!

    Nice series Archana!!!
    Ongoing Event - Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids - Combo Meals

  2. Love this series very much, even i love Gayathri's space, she rocks.

    Maa laddus are my fav, feel like grabbing some.

  3. Thank you Archana for this lovely post. I am speechless reading the post...

  4. looks Yummy :-)
    Love the pics ....totally inviting !!!

  5. Delicious maa laddu my favorite. Great job Archana, Gayathri.

  6. The laddoos looks mouth-watering! Nice series ya.
    Do visit my blog sometime.

  7. Looks so delicious!!Nice pictures

    Have a great day!!
    Amy-Food Corner


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