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Round up of Bake Fest Part 2

In continuation with the round up here is Part 2 of the event Bake Fest . I had 94 entries. The Part 1 of this Round up is here.

Here is Part 2 of Bake Fest.
We have Renuka of Pinch of Salt sending in a dessert that should be banned. I have eaten all the Nutella looking at these delicious Eclairs!

Like to indulge especially on a Saturday night!! Do try making this delicious Chocolate Rum Cake that Renuka has made.

Chilli Cheese pull apart rolls.My combo all the way. I love it ....Love it love it!

Have you tried making  gluten-free cookies? Yes with Jowar flour?Yes try these gluten free and nut free cookies.lemon and cardamon cookies.

Amrita Vishal of Sweet'n' Savoury has sent in this awesomely delicious  Florentine Tarts with Frangipanefilling... need I say more?

She has also your breakfast all planned. You just have to eat. What a delicious breakfast with Healthy Veggie Toast

I have no words to describe this delicious, beautiful Totoro Cream Puffs. look at them

Eggless Chocolate Cake.... an institution in itself and if sent in by Priya of Priya's Feast... Feast away!!!

Deep of Deepsrecipes has made this delicious Baklava sinfully delicious
 Baklava recipe for  turkish dessert
How do you celebrate an event? Bake a cake right? If its your daughter's anniversary? Bake a beautiful chocolate cake.... Do visit Maayeka for this delicious Eggless Chocolate Cake.

You want  add a zing to your bread pudding then try Julia's Album and make this yum yum White Chocolate Bread Pudding With Whiskey Cream Sauce
Bread pudding with cream sauce, white chocolate, creme de cacao
Achu of Tangy Minds has planned a dessert and not share it out? impossible.. have a  look at her Peach Crisp

Bored of all the the sweet bakes? never fear Ruchira Hoon from Cookaroo brings in her Corniest Corn Bread with Olivesand Chillis

Want something Chocolate then try this delicious Hot Chocolate Brownies.

Amrita of mittu cooking love has linked another delicious cake an Eggless Orange Blender Cake...Looks colourful you will agree.

Now ladies i am really honored that a student of Class 6 can make these delicious muffins & takes pictures like a pro ... Yes I am taking about Dhruvi Khandelwal . I have you interested so now do check her blog out. Its called Destination Calabria HD and here are the Coffee Muffins that she has linked.

Focaccia the word has me drooling. Just have a look at this beautiful healthy Vegetable Focaccia that     Chef Mireille has linked...Yum

If these will not satisfy then try these Ginger Almond Oreos 

or these Coconut Lime Cookies that she has adapted.

In case you have not drooled enough try this BananaChocolate Chip Bread. I guarantee taht you are  definitely  drooling over this one.

Sangeeta of Spicy Treats has linked her fabulous Orange Loaf Cake and its  low calorie too so guilt free eating here I come.

And her delicious Onion Masala Buns.. Whole wheat so they take care of these something different pangs and your guilt pangs of not serving junk food.  Great isn't it?

You like Oreo's right? Don' t tell me you wish the kids leave them alone so you can hog them? Well I do! Next time I will have the kids helping me making these beauties. Do check out Sowmya's Eggless Oreos here 
Had too many Oreo's ? Want some other flavours? How about these  Eggless Nutritious Gingersnaps? Hmmm?
Nutrituous Gingersnaps - IMG_2222 - Copy
Want something with your cuppa? Then try these Eggless Pistachio Tutti Frutti and Orange Biscotti that she has made.
Spice n Sugar Tales has her own tale to tell will Cocoa Choco Mini bites that had my daughter begging to make these as soon as possible. In fact she was wishing she could reach out and grab some out from the screen. I am sure your kids will also hope they can do the same.

If these are not enough then try this yum yum Choco Banana Walnut Loaf  .

Try this delicious pizza its like its name I want to dive in 'Dive in Five" Homemade Pizza.

Make these Eggless Chocolate Cookies dears and enjoy these are linked by Gujju's Kitchen .
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Dont like Cornflakes? Well you will not say no to these delicious Cornflake Cookies that Chandarani of Cuisine Delights has linked.

Eggless Whole Wheat and Oats Lemon, Poppyseed, coconut and Dried fruit Bread... What long name for a   bread ? Well a  delicious bread as deliciosu as this needs a loooooooooong name. This is what  Jayasri of Samayalarai has linked up. I love the fact that its whole wheat. Aweesome.
 You have heard of just pizza. In fact the only thing I can think of with pizza base is Pizza. Not our friend Vaishali of Ribbon's to Pasta she has made Pizza Chips with Cheese Spread.Innovative na? Now look and droooooool!

Do you like your Chocolate Chip Cookies firm and thin or should they be soft and chewy? I like MyHomeMantra prefer them straight out of the oven.... :). Here are her cookies

Craving for Chocolate Cake? Want it fast is "2Minutes"?
Check out Vaijayalakshmi's 2 Minute Chocolate Cake  at Virunthu Unna Vanga.

Julie of has 3 very very delicious bakes one is a Trutty Fruitty Cake(Wheat Flour)

Oreo Cookies 

Fresh Cherry Tartlets.

Do visit her place ladies.
Kimmy of Cooking Pleasure has fired my interest in passion fruit with her delicious, soft and beautiful Passion Fruit Souffle' Cake. If I did not want an oven before (I use the convection mode of my microwave) I want it now just to make this cake.

How do you spend your weekend? Well noyyet100 of Asan Khana make this colourful Vanila Cake with Rose Butter Cream Icing... Looks yum!

Cook-Eat-Burrp well that is the next entry and I must say since I have not eaten this yummy entry I am not burrrping!
Why should I?
I am drooling still. Well jokes apart this is a delicious entry by pinksocks that she made for her birthday. So pinksocks belated birthday wishes!(pink is my favourite colour)  here is her entry Chocolate cake with Peach Mousse.
 Did you think Tandoor when we said baking. I did not but,  get ready to stuff yourselves with the next entry that pinksocks has sent, yes its from a tandoor Ambarsari or Amritsari Stuffed Kulcha. 

Corina from Searching For Spice has linked her yummy Garlicand Rosemary Foccacia in the Breadmaker. Do look it up ladies...

We are all foodies do you visit our Fellow Foodie who has a delicious Banana Bread  which she vouches for.

Jayanthi of Sizzling Veggies sizzles in next with her mouthwatering goodies. I must tell you that I was sitting in the internet cafe when I saw this Taco Naan Pizza and.... wow what a growl my tummy gave! I have given up going to the cafe now after the looks I got. Interested you have I ?
I grumble that   cauliflower is a permanent resident of my home. Had I thought of making a Pizza out of it? No but Jayanthi did ... here it is Cauliflower Crust Pizza.
What is Mo-Cho-Co-Ba? Give up well it is Jayanthi's Mocha Chocolate Coconut Banana Muffins. Love the name and the muffins.

Mo-Cho-Co-Ba Muffins
The next one that Jayanthi has linked has me drooling and wanting to grab some off the screen. Chocolate filled Shortbread Cookies. 
Nayana of Nayanas Kitchen Kreations has a mouthwatering creation Orange Cake with Chocolate Icing.... Mmmm all my favourite flavours.

IndianStyle Spicy Carrot Pancake now that is comfort food. If I do not have to flip the pancake all the more better. Thanks Yashodha this is awesome.
Birthdays.. definitely call for a cake but if its your hubby's birthday then try this one Vanilla cake with butter creamfrosting  that Srivalli has linked from Ammaji Recipes.
Have you tried  Lemon-Yogurt Loaf cake with Lemonglaze? No? Try it. its amazing.  This is a lovely entry from mellowN spicy. 
Swati a zesty blogger from Zesty South Indian Kitchen has baked a delicious Cheddar Scallion Bread that has me drooling. If seeing is believing take a close look. 

Feel the need for something moist, fruity and delicious? Try the Chezipan Cake that Camilla has shared with us .

Swetha in the Kitchen and you have some quick recipes. So do have a look at these delicious Vanilla Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting - Eggless.

Want something with your curry? Try these Pav Ladi (reminds me that I have not eaten Pav Bhaji for a long long time)!
Nupur of UK, Rasoi and Me.. a place to visit for delicious and healthy foods. Nupur has linked her yummy looking  Orange Cranberry Poppy Seed Cake.

Can a cake be made eggless and butterless? For ages my belief was that to bake a cake you need butter. But here in Bloggywood my myth has shattered. Here is one such cake that amazes me. Babitha of Babi's Recipes has linked this yum cake a Golden Yellow Cake.

Vardhini the brains behind this event has linked yet another recipe this time an Indian one Spicy Roasted Brocolli. 
Spicy Roasted Broccoli (Healthy) | Cooks Joy
also this Zucchini Chocolate Cupcakes. A must try
Zucchini Chocolate Cupcake | Cooks Joy

These are my contributions to the bake fest Ultimate ChocolateCream Cheese Cookies

Orange Biscotti for Eggless baking.

Thanks Vardhini for the opportunity to host Bake Fest and I must Thanks All of you for patiently waiting for me to make this roundup. In case I have missed any entries I am sorry please let me know I will update them.

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