Sunday, 16 August 2009

Dahi vada with a difference!!!

Had a packet of instant appe. Had read on one of the food blogs, sorry don't remember which, that they can be used to make low cal dahi vadas. So decided to do just that!!

1 instant appe packet
chopped onion
chopped coriander
ginger, green chillies paste
appe mould
sweetened yogurt
chaat masala
red chilly powder
jeera powder

Add chopped onion, coriander, ginger chillies paste to the appe batter and make appe in the appe mould. Once done top it with sweetened dahi, and sprinkle red chilly powder, alt, chaat masala, jeera powder.
Delicious yet low cal dahivada with a difference is ready to serve.


  1. Where ho Where will i get the appe packet?

    Do you think it will work with appe made out of regular appe flour.

  2. I suppose so...i tried this out for the first time so am novice with this dish!!!

  3. Like I told u i tried this out. i made the appe and served it with all the necessary dahi vada decoration the next day. the kids were not interested. everyone else were fooled.


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