Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Olya Haldiche Lonche or Fresh Turmeric Pickle

The benefit of   turmeric is well documented in Ayurveda; it is amazing how well integrated turmeric is in Indian Cooking. Just the other day I read that the incidence of Alzheimer's disease is less in India thanks to this magical yellow powder that we use.
Ambehalad this is" nothing but fresh halad is what I told my colleagues at work" but I have been feeling guilty ever since for I am better educated now Ambehalad is the rhizome that when cut gives the smell of freshly cut unripe mangoes.
So what I thought of as Ambehalad is halad or turmeric, hence my posts name should be Olaya Haldiche Lonche!
The ingredients are simple and there are no set proportions. I soaked the turmeric in water for 1/2 and hour then grated it you can cut it into fine pieces if you wish
1 cup halad/ turmeric, grated
1 tblspn methi

1 tblspn pepper

Rock Hing about the same size as the methi. If you are using powdered hing use 1 tblspn.
1 tsp oil
Chilli powder
Phodni of mustard in 3 tblspn oil (cooled)
1.       In the tsp of oil roast hing, when you get the aroma of fried hing remove it.
2.        Fry next the pepper, remove.
3.       Switch off the gas and add methi. You will have to remove the methi almost immediately; as if methi becomes black it will taste bitter.
4.       Cool the masala and grind them fine.
5.       Mix the grated Halad and all the ingredients. Serve with almost anything paratha, chapatti, and rice.


  1. Pickle looks truly irresistible, havent tried yet any pickle with fresh turmeric, thanks for sharing..

  2. its been ages since i had this! brought back nostalgic memories of childhood...

  3. hmmm. never heard of turmeric pickle. but it is looking yummy. i will try this out when we get fresh tumeric out this season from our farm.

  4. hey hi... first time here.. I'm a true fan of pickles and turmeric pickle seems to be new for me... will try this soon...

  5. Never heard of this recipe,i'm sure will be good for us.Bookmarking this one

  6. Hi ,
    It's simply such a great recipe and also quite unique in a way. I haven't seen anything like that before. It's really great! Thanks for posting.

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  7. Wow, I yearned for olya haldiche lonche today and found its recipe too. Thanks for the share, I thought that such a traditional recipe will be known to a few, more so because you dont get this one readymade.


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