Tuesday, 23 August 2011

MAledi--Chapatti Ladoo

I      love sweets and it was my staple diet till my marriage. Then since my family does not like them much I have started cutting down on them because it is lonely to eat sweets alone. But now I have found a perfect solution. Make them and carry them to work. Satisfying and my colleagues also eat some too!
Yesterday I remembered one sweet that Amma used to make and call MAledi. It used to be for our short break but before leaving for school we made it a point to eat some along with milk.

It can be made out of leftover chapatti but here I have made it out of fresh ones.

You will need
 4 Chapattis, broken into fine pieces
1 tsp khus khus or poppy seeds
2 tblspn dry coconut, grated (I used only 1)
1 tblspn puthane
1 tblspn ghee
½ cup jaggery, grated (adjust as per taste)
3 cardamoms, peeled and powdered


1.   Dry roast the coconut till a bit reddish. Transfer to a plate.
2.   Dry roast the khus khus till bit reddish on low flame. Take care that it does not burn. Transfer to the plate of dry coconut.
3.   Mix the puthane, cardamom powder, roasted khus khus and coconut.
4.   In a kadhai/wok heat the ghee. On low flame add the grated jaggery. Stir gently.
5.   When the jaggery bubbles on the sides of the kadhai/wok switch off the gas and mix all the ingredients.
6.   Stir well till all the chapatti pieces are coated with the mix.
7.    Apply a little water to your hands and make small laddoos of the mixture.
8.   You can roll them in the some more coconut if you feel like it. As I had run out of it I have not.
I got  & ½ ladoos out of 4 chapattis well appreciated by my colleagues.


  1. absolutely inviting..
    I have 2 awards for you, You can find them here
    Tasty Appetite
    have a nice day..:)

  2. I'll pretend I didn't read your post : how can someone doesn't like sweets!! that's unimaginable, if you ask me!!

  3. Amazing looking ladoos. Excellent preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Totally new recipe to me....thanks for sharing....

  5. wow, that is such a great laddoo and very new too. Making it out of chapati, great creation dear, very tempting pic :)

  6. Wow those laddoos looks damn delicious and pretty..

  7. ladoo with chapathis is very interesting!....good to do with left overs!

  8. looks fabulous and flavorful..

  9. My mom use to do this with leftover roti ...looks delicious and you bring me back to so many gud memories :)

  10. I too make this recipe.. yours looks perfect :)
    Indian Cuisine

  11. so interesting and creative recipe...
    Yummy and Healthy too..

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  12. Truly innovative ~ nice looking laddoos!
    US Masala

  13. wow, delicious laddus...using chapathis is new to me and sounds great.

  14. Thats a yummy & innovative way to finish off chapathis!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  15. Thanks all of you. love you girls.

  16. something very interesting archana- nice !

  17. looks yummy and delicious ....

  18. haven't heard of this recipe before.. sounds very healthy.. my family is not fond of sweets either, so i have very little opportunity to make at home. You said it right - it sure is lonely to eat sweets alone.

  19. awesome ...and very new and innovative....

    Chk out my Diwali event:


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