Saturday, 6 August 2011

Reposting for Events-Lets Get Stuffed Series- Bell Peppers or Capsicum

Thanks all of you for your prayers and good wishes my father is on the path of recovery! The update today is that he is making the hospital staff's life miserable!! I think he plans to make them so tired of him they will say he is fine and send him home. Haha!

Coming to my first event which I have been neglecting I am reposting an old recipe from my blog .This is my SIL, my Bhabhi's post but she had not posted any pictures. I used this opportunity to repost the recipe with the pictures.

I have followed the recipe in almost every way except I have not boiled the capsicum before hand just cooked it in the gravy. Also I was lazy and have not chopped the tomatoes fine as needed, I was heating milk and some was left in the packet so I poured it over the the capsicum. An yes I have doubled the recipe.


  1. Nice recipe on stuffed capsicum in gravy..thanks to ur bhabi

  2. I am going to check out the recipe and bookmark it, looks mouth watering :)


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