Thursday, 27 December 2012

Pepper Bhindi.

My brother asked me if I knew if how to make pepper bhindi that Amma used to make. Bhindi being Lady finger or Orka! And it was something that they had eaten in a Indo-Chinese restaurant in Goa.

Since I had never eaten it, yes it was something she made after I was married off I was at a loss. When we discussed it he told me there are onions and bhindi in it. The bhindi was cut lengthwise and there was pepper and soya sauce in it.

The skeleton needed to be filled out. The first time I made it I tried it with about 1 cupful of bhindi and we loved it.

 The next time and the next time we did not enjoy it much, the first because I had not fried the onions enough and the second because the quantity was big. 

Yes be patient and make smaller batches of this veggie and enjoy it. The only minus in the favour of this veggie is it’s addictive.

To make pepper bhindi you will need:

·       ·        1 cup bhindi, slit and chopped lengthwise
·         1 cup onion, chopped lengthwise
·        2 tbspn oil
·         1 cube of garlic and coriander paste
·         1 tsp black pepper powder, freshly ground
·         ¼  tsp dark soya sauce
·         Salt to taste
1.      I do not wash my bhindi. Instead I use a kitchen towel and wet one side, squeeze it dry and then wipe my bhindi with the wet then the dry side. Why it makes them less slimy. You can follow my tedious method or wash them the way you do. The choice is yours. But make them in batons about 2 knuckles/1 ½ inch long. Set aside.
2.      Chop the onions lengthwise as thinly as you can. Separate the strands.
3.      Heat the oil and drop the garlic coriander paste cube. (I many times to save time grind the garlic and coriander in the mixer the freeze it. Once frozen I make about 1 inch cubes out of it). In case you do not have this handy try adding 1-2 crushed garlic. Fry till the raw smell goes away.
4.      Add the onions and caramelize them on medium high flame. Stirring often.
5.      Add the bhindi and stir occasionally till the bhindi appears cooked. Please do not lower the flame.
6.      Add the pepper salt and mix well.
7.      Lastly add the soya sauce .stir and serve.

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  1. I absolutely love bhendi, this preparation is mouthwatering... it rocks!

  2. Nice and different bhindi....

  3. these are one of those recipes that you need to know to give twist to regular bhindi dishes. looks perfect for a cozy meal.

  4. very tempting and very delicious... so droolworthy!!!
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  5. Quick and super delicious bhindi.

  6. Archana, please dont follow the tedious method of washing the bhendi :)

    I just wash them and dry them before cooking...

    Recipe is good.

  7. Delicious looking pepper bhindi. Would love it with rotis!

  8. This is a very different one Archana! will try sometime

  9. Delicious bhindi recipe...Loved it!!! Will try it out soon..
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  10. Bindi with soya combo its a must try as I luv bindi in any form. Lovely it looks.

  11. I just love it this way! Perfectly done okra!!! :)


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