Sunday, 29 April 2012

How to Freeze Strawberries

Summer heralds heat, mangoes, watermelon and ice creams and holidays.

I do not know about you but I am busy emptying the freezer to make space there. Space for ice cream and so I do wonder where I should keep all the dry fruits, chocolates etc. The girls are of course are ecstatic most of them are in their tummies especially the chocolates.

There are still lots more on the hit list. First are the frozen strawberries.

Yes in the month of December when we went to Pachgani, Mahableshwar I had brought strawberries which ended up in the freezer.

How? It’s very simple. So simple that I was sure that the method was a mistake and the shopkeeper was “Lambi lambi chod raha hai”!!

But I still brought the strawberries thinking I could always make puree.

Back home I was a curious and I Googled the poor fellow was right with my sincere apologies to him I post the method of freezing strawberries. 

The strawberries have to be just sliced thin.
 Spread on a foil in a single layer and freeze them for about an hour.
 The frozen slices are very easy to handle transfer them to a container or a ziplock bag. Let them reside in your freezer as long as you can hoard them.
It’s now that they are all getting used up after 4 months.

I had all the stages from full strawberries to slices to frozen chips in pictures but I when the computer was reformatted I have lost them all.

Sorry about that I will update the pictures next year.



  1. Archana thanks a ton for your comment on my page...I needed this support.
    you should have posted this last month. now the strawberries have disappeared from the market. cant feeze ir now.

  2. Very useful tips... Thanks for Sharinf dear...

  3. Very useful n informative post, thanks for sharing...

  4. hi archana, rhanks for your support on jay's guest post in my blog.
    this is a great on freezing strawberries. have a nice day

  5. @SaYantani I agree I should have post it long long ago for last year but I posting for you to do so the coming year;).
    @Thanks all


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