Monday, 2 April 2012

Triple Schezwan ~Guest Post

When Nupur asked me to guest post for her I was honoured, pleased & proud that I have finally arrived.

Arrived on the blogging scene!! Yea!!!!

From the time I stated my place as an online  diary for my experiments, where my brother kept on pestering me to post pictures to now that is quite a journey.
From the few tremulous steps where my brother kept on guiding me every step to now (he does check out things for me, answers my queries, why should I search when he can easily answer).I have become more independent I don’t follow his suggestions at all!! Ha-ha!! His ideas are wonderful but I do not have the time to put them in practice immediately will work on them slowly.

Is that all? No,do check out Nupur’s U K Rasoi where she chronicles her travels as she says “mediocre to food lover”, my current favourites  to name a few are

Scrambled cauliflower stir fry
Paneer masladaar
Brown rice idli
Herb Polenta with chili tomato

Not to say anything about her beautiful pictures.
Thanks Nupur  it was a pleasure.



  1. Yummy noodles...I luv UK rasoi too..

  2. yummy!!!!a lot of hard work has gone into it i can see!!!next time i am down this is definitely on the list...

  3. love this flavors

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    Preeti's Kitchen Life

  4. Delicious recipe..yummy yum guest post!!
    Erivum Puliyum

  5. Congrats on the guest post dear..i have already seen the post at Nupur's space..excellent one dear :)

  6. wow great this meal. congrats on your first guest post.

  7. very nice Archana.. thnx for linking to my event .. :)

  8. just read ur guest post.. good one archana :).. i love it absolutely :)

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  9. Omg, wat an inviting platter, makes me hungry..running to Nupur's space to read ur guest post Archana.

  10. Wow sounds amazing! Wish to have some now :) Looks so tempting!

  11. yummy looking noodles, visited nupur's space for recipe


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