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Chirotti ~Indian State Karnataka

Chirotti ~Indian State Karnataka

Today in we are Karnataka in this Blogging Marathon were we are blogging Cuisines of Indian States. 

When I looked for my inspiration for this mega marathon where we are blogging Indian states the first thought was what do I cook for Karnataka. I know I have hardly lived there but have grown up never feeling that I have left Karnataka.  I wanted something that is special about the place.

Then I remembered this food map that was shared with me ages ago and that was my guide for most of my dishes.

So for Karnataka one of the dishes that were mentioned was Chirotti, Mysore pak and Dharwad peda.

Being from Dharwad I wanted to make Dharwad peda.  For those who do not know about Dharwad Peda this peda is something of a tradition and is a family secret that is closely guarded from the 19th century.  Needless to say I failed in my efforts and hubby who had to be at the receiving end of the pedas was at his wits end, (for he did not know about this marathon) “Dharwad peda bole ke kuch bhi khilati hai” …: D

That left either Chirotti or Mysore pak….. Its only yesterday I thought of Hayagreeva - A chickpea based dessert prepared on special occasions; popular amongst the Maadhwa community! Maybe later…

So Diwali time, yes I made it for Diwali been hoarding these pictures since then  ;) I made Chirotti!! For one sweet that my elder daughter, Apeksha eats, no dives in is this.

I make the once on which you sprinkle powdered sugar over them. Chirotti can be made and dipped in the sugar syrup too but I never made them . Sorry I cannot tell you anything about making them other than the syrup will have to be thick. The only person who will eat them will be’ little miss me’ the size I have become I would rather avoid them.

Actually Chirotti, chakali, kadboli, oondi, sankarpali etc all these we  (my sister and I with my brother helping out by supplying tea, water  etc)regularly made with my mother. It was a tradition for Diwali.

I was never involved in rolling out these sheets that these pastry needs, I used a lot of flour that Amma detested so  that was Amma and Chetana’s, my sister’s job, mine only frying and sprinkling sugar on them.

Coming down to Chirotti … By the way its Chirotti are amde in Goa too they are called Fenori!

Chirotti in itself is just a pastry, not too sweet but extremely rich.   Chirotti is flaky and tender not at all crunchy and crisp.  Ek se dil hi nahi bharta! ((Mir it means you are not satisfied with one) Beware they are super rich.  Store brought ones have an aftertaste mostly because they use 'shortening' or Vanaspati.

This is recipe I got from Kusam Maushi, my husband’s aunt  I do not have my mum’s .  Here the measures are our katori also called as wati a standard measure in most homes.

The only thing you have to remember is use a lot of the ‘spread’ called ‘satta’ ! By the way I had forgotten to take stepwise pictures it was my younger daughter who did the honors, so there are soem gaps in the pictures but she has captured the most important parts! Thanks Akanksha!

By the way this is my 475th post here! Yeah !! Thanks for your support friends! I would never get to this figure if it was not for you guys!!!!


Indian State: Karnataka
Recipe Source: Kusum Maushi
For the dough:
  • 1 cup rawa (fine)
  • 3 cups maida
  • 1 tblspn oil
  • 1 tblspn ghee
  • Water as needed to make stiff dough
  • Ghee to fry (I prefer oil)

For the Satta:
  • ¼ cup corn flour
  • ¼ cup ghee
  • Salt to taste 

  • Mix the maida and rawa with oil, salt and stir well.  Best done in a food processer in case you do not have one do with a whisk. (Check the notes for my latest brainwave).
  • Add cold water sparingly and mix till the mixture comes together into dough.
  • Cover the dough with a damp kitchen napkin and set aside. I did this mixing in the morning then kept the dough in the fridge when I left for work. Being a   Saturday in the afternoon I kept it out and rolled the dough out when my maid came at about 5.30 pm. So the dough sat out about 5 hours.
  • Now get the satta ready. To make the satta you need a lot of muscle power. Just mix all the ingredients and whisk, whisk and whisk.  Whisk like your life depends on it. Actually it has to be creamy. ;)
  • Once the dough is well rested, divide the dough into small balls, using a rolling pin roll out each part like a roti only thinner. Roll out the thinnest possible.  You can use rice flour, if you need to roll out the rotis, use little, as when you fry the flour will leave a residue in the oil.  Roll out alteast 3 rotis like this.

  • Smear the Satta over the roti lay the other roti over it. Smear a layer of satta liberally. You can add another roti like this.

  • Now gently roll the stack of rotis tightly, but gently. Apply satta as you roll. Stick the edges.

  • Now cut in one inch thickness with a sharp knife.

  • Roll each of the piece of dough on floured surface and roll it into 4-5" discs. But wait before you roll out keep the cut side up. Gently.

  • Deep fry these discs in hot oil till they fluff up and the colour changes slightly.

  • Flip them once. Cook till the colour changes and remove.

  • Drain these on several layers of paper towels.

  • When still warm sprinkle the powdered sugar over them.
  • Serve them straight away or when they cool down store in an airtight box.

  • Brainwave for next trial: run the flour mixture in the mixer with the wet blade attachment.
  • You can use rava in place of maida fully. Remember to use fine rava. In Dharwad we get Chirotti rava.
  • Next time I am going to sprinkle a mix of powdered sugar and a dash of red chilli powder. What say taste me twist?

But that is next Diwali till then this will have to wait.
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  1. Archana, we made these for ICC..and even Sindhis make this..we call them satpura.You have done a great job with these and I feel like having some:))

  2. Hi Archana your chirotti looks amazing is very similar to sat padi puri or saata what they make in gujarat. You reminded me of my mom she used to make the melt in mouth chirotti

  3. Great efforts Archana..lovely to see step by step..I was thinking you will be making the Hayagriva sweet

  4. so yummy!!! love this delicious sweet... well done..

  5. Congrats Archana on ur 475th post,way to go.. Chirottis are just stunning, wonderful sweet for the celebration.

  6. ohh love those pictures on the ground with newspaper sperad is such a typical diwali scene at every household, especially in maha....and chirote were once my favorite snack during diwali season

  7. Congratulations on your milestone post. Your story reminded me of my Mom and sister preparing for Diwali. The chirote look really good with the sprinkling of sugar, just the way I like it.

  8. Chiroti has turned out perfect Archana. In Karnataka, they serve it as dessert along with badam milk during marriage functions....

  9. Kudos to your effect dear..Chirotti turned out very well.. Love to grab some from my laptop screen..

  10. Perfectly made chirottis,nice pictorials..

  11. chirotti looks great.. loved reading your instruction.. really funny

  12. Love the step wise pictures, Archana. Great effort with great results!

  13. Congrats on ur 475th post Archana. I made these too :-) flaky and delicious.

  14. Perfectly made, Archana! All your efforts paid off. And beautiful pictures. I like the step by step pictorial instructions. It is not easy taking pictures and cooking at the same time. Nice effort..

  15. Congrtz on your 475th post dear , chiroti have turned out perfect and looks so gud :) I wud not mind to grab some , love the flaky texture you have attained :)

  16. wow Awesome Chirotti.. nd also site..


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