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Savoury Pittha~Indian State Jharkhand

Savoury Pittha ~Indian State Jharkhand

Lets visit Jharkhand today in the Blogging Marathon of Indian States!!

Jarkhand being a tribal dominated state nature plays a large part in the lives of the people. Branches of sacred trees are brought and ceremonially planted and worshipped in the courtyards.

Jarkhand cuisine is vegetarian as well as non vegetarian. Traditional Jharkhand dishes are not available at restaurants, as they have not been commercialised. Prepared exclusively in tribal regions, this cuisine uses oil and spices infrequently, except for pickle production and special occasions.

Baiganee Chop, a snack made of brinjal slices or egg plant, is popular in Jharkhand. Thekua is a sweet dish made of sugar, wheat, flour and chopped coconuts.  Hadia, which is made out of paddy rice, is a refreshing drink. A wide variety of recipes are prepared with different types of rice in Jharkhand which include recipes like Dhuska, Pittha and different kinds of Rotis prepared with rice.
Come lets make delicious Pittha today!
But what are Pitthas? According to Wikipedia," Pithas are primarily made from a batter of rice flour or wheat flour, which is shaped and optionally filled with sweet or savory ingredients. When filled, the pitha's pouch is called a khol (lit. "container") and the fillings are called pur.
For stuffed vegetable pithas, ingredients such as cauliflower, cabbage, radish, or potato are usually fried, baked, or steamed, and then mashed, cooled, and formed into small balls to stuff into the pithas.
Sweet pithas typically include sugar, jaggery, date juice, or palm syrup, and can be filled with grated coconut, cashews, pistachios, sweetened vegetables, or fruits. Sweet pithas are also often flavored using cardamom or camphor.
Depending on the type of pitha being prepared, pithas can be fried in oil or ghee, slow-roasted over a fire, steamed, or baked and rolled over a hot plate.

Pithas are often eaten at small meals such as breakfast or as a snack with tea, although there are many sweet varieties that are reserved for desserts or holidays."

Since my FIL is diabetic I preferred to make Pittha with wheat flour.
Also by mistake  I added turmeric or haldi to my wheat flour so my Pithha look yellow. 
Savoury Pittha~Indian State Jharkhand

Savoury Pittha

Indian State: Jharkhand 
Recipe Source:  Nisha Madhulika     
Yield: 8 Pittha

  • ·         1½ cup Chana dal
  • ·         1½ cup Atta (flour)
  • ·         4 tsp garlic laung/cloves,  chopped
  • ·          2 tsp  ginger, chopped
  • ·         2 tsp Garam masala powder
  • ·         ½ tsp Hing/asafoetida  powder
  • ·         1 tsp Haldi /turmeric  powder
  • ·         2-4 Dry red whole chili (adjust as per taste)
  • ·         Salt to taste
  • ·         Water
  • ·         ½ tsp oil

  • ·         Wash, drain and Soak chana dal overnight in a bowl of water.
  • ·         In the morning knead the flour with little water and make medium hard dough. ( the dough should not be as loose as the chapatti dough and as firma s the puri dough)Set keep aside.
  • ·         Meanwhile wash the chana dal with fresh water, and then drain in a colander.
  • ·         Put dal in a mixer   the garlic, ginger, garam masala, Hing, haldi, red chillies and salt and mince. Do not add water.
  • ·         When dal is fine Check seasoning and transfer to a bowl.
  • ·         Divide the dough into 8 balls. Similarly divide ground dal in 8 equal parts.
  • ·         Using the rolling pin roll out to small thick discs what in India called puris   of each dough ball.
  • ·         Spoon one part of the dal filling in the middle of the puri.
  • ·         Brush the puri edges with stick the other half on the wet half sealing the dal mix inside.
  • ·         Press well using your finger. Repeat for all the discs.
  • ·         Meanwhile, fill a 5 litre pot   ¾ with water and boil. When the water starts to boil add ½ tsp oil in it.
  • ·         Now slowly drop the  pitthas in the boiling water and boil uncovered for 20 minutes.
  • ·         After 20 minutes, take out each pittha carefully with a slotted spoon and keep on a plate.
  • ·         When slightly cool, serve with green dhania/ coriander chutney.
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  1. yum yum yummy!!!love the kozhukkattai...

  2. Its not a mistake, haldi gives a wonderful colourful pithas Archana, different from the pithas we have crossed in this long BM.

  3. Never mind the turmeric..the pitha looks good, I like the idea of using wheat flour.

  4. Pitha with wheat flour sounds healthy and inviting..such a healthy and guilt free filling pitha..

  5. The wheat flour pithas look so good (with the turmeric).

  6. i like that these pithas are dropped directly into boiling water rather than being steamed. looks very nicely done

  7. I loved the colour of your pithas. Though it was by mistake they look so nice...

  8. Wonderful Pitha and addition of turmeric powder gives wonderful color..

  9. I know ok you purposely added the turmeric to make these look so pretty!..:0)..the wheat flour sounds good as well..nice one..

  10. Sounds very healthy with wheat flour and chana dal in there!!

  11. Those Pithas look perfectly made Archana. Turmeric does add beautiful hue to the Pithas.

  12. Although you add turmeric by mistake, pithas look good and inviting. Wheat flour version looks healthy

  13. wow pithas have turned out fabulous archana :) Your mistake had made the pithas look more prettier :) They are tempting me pass me some right away :)


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