Sunday, 7 December 2014

Kharwas/Ginna/Pos a Sweet Cheese


This week I am sharing with you a delicious sweet called Ginna in Kanadda, Kharwas in Marathi and Pos in Konkani.  

This is a sweet that is made from the bovine colostrum milk and it’s amazingly delicious. Getting the colostrums milk was easy when we were kids and the milkman used to deliver milk home we used to have this sweet often. Now I hardly see it in fact my kids do not know what I am talking and since its sweet they would rather not try it out.

The other day hubby came home with a packet of the dehydrated colostrums, it was simple to make.

The instructions were simple…
Mix ½ litre or 3 cups of raw milk with 100 grms sugar (1/2 cup) and some elicihi/green cardamom powder and the powder from the packet. Stir well till there are no lumps and the sugar dissolves.
Steam for 10-15 minutes in a vessel, keep a lid on the vessel.
Remove from the cooker/ steamer and serve chilled after you slice it in desired shapes.
Soft delicious cheese that just melts in the mouth.
 In Goa this sweet that is called pos is flavoured with Jeera/cumin and jaiphal/nutmeg.
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 I have Cannon Powershot SX150IS.  The picture was taken at ISO400,Aperture was 1/15,and F8. I love Kharwas and so could not resist slicing into it, had to check if it was as soft as it seemed you see. I did then realize that the shot will look good. The reason I arranged the bowls as they are was because I thought that was the only way I will get all the bowls and somehow I like the arrangement. I think I am getting repetitive in my arrangement, needs no thought. The shot was taken in max. 5 minutes like I said no thoughts behind it!!

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  1. This is very interesting dessert, yes, I too wished colostrum milk was reachable.

  2. Like you our milkman used to bring the colostrum milk once in a while and my mom used to make this sweet for us. I loved the pudding like texture and the yummy taste.

  3. that is new to me!!! looks delicious,

  4. This looks so scrumptious and melt in your mouth delicious..too bad raw milk is out of my reach..although you can get it here very difficult as only available on farms - all market milk must be pasteurized

  5. have heard of this dessert and its so rich in nutrients. this is one reason that makes blogging so exciting. we get to know so much that we generally dont have any clue to.

  6. We to make this sweet and never really liked Indian sweets growing up and never really tasted the sweet. But every one in the family use to look forward to this sweet. I am sure it tastes delicious

  7. I loved the desert recipe that you have mentioned as I am very fond of this. M surely gonna prepare it.

  8. This is one of my favorite.. Looks delicious .

  9. You brought back old memories, Archana :) It looks so tempting.

  10. I have heard so much about this dish yet never tasted it..looks so tempting Archana...very nicely made..

  11. looks so tempting and simple to make - can help me with the measure for colostrum powder (proportion).
    TIA :)


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