Monday, 2 March 2015

Blogging Marathon Day 3

Day 3!!

Tomorrow I am flying back! How do I pack!!

We need to have a rule for goody bags nothing more than ½ kg for each participant, even with that 11 of us makes 5 ½ kgs.
Why does the airline not allow extra baggage for females? Especially when you are visiting friends like this, all equally crazy !!
This weighty issue had me stay away from prop shopping L and all kinds of shopping.
Inspite of all these hurdles and the bitter sweet knowledge that the day 3 means I have come to the last day of my time with my friends I was looking forward to day 3.
We were to go to Foodology a beautiful place for all foodies. I will not say much but share with you the pictures.

Will it suffice to say this was the best day that I had in my life? The entire meet was to teach what one knew to others and I learnt a lot.

The Food!!

Thanks Chennai group for organizing it and here is the best cake creation that was a group exercise.

After the day at Foodology most of us departed to go to our homes with the sweet memories that we had made of the 3 days together!!

Wait, Vaishali and I are yet around we are to leave on the next day. Padma and her husband took us out are some shopping and a dinner where we had appams then it was time to pack.

Saying bye is difficult but particularly difficult to a person as warm as Padma who had opened her home and hearth to us. Padma had tears in her eyes as she waved to us I wanted to howl but controlled myself.
At the airport when it was time to say bye to Vaishali I had to remind myself this is the beginning, beginning for a new meeting! Our BM#75!!

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  1. Relived every moment. Well written... And yes even i am waiting for BM 75

  2. Enjoyed this day so much..very nicely written!

  3. Wat an everlasting memories rite, well written Archana..

  4. glad to know dt u had a great time,enjoyed!!

  5. I have read the interesting account of the three day celebrations marked by gaiety,hospitality and bonding.Such events bringing together kindred spirits with similar passion must have been a novel and enriching experience.The photos are all very nice.

  6. such great pics. Looks like if I make it to BM 75, will have to bring an extra empty suitcase :)

  7. All good thing must come to an end and if I were you, I would have been bawling the whole time ;-) It was a treat reading your BM# 50 posts.

  8. Aww..lovely memories to carry home!

  9. Lovely read arch!!! Looking forward to meet you all soon !!


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