Saturday, 23 July 2011

Egg-less Chocolate Cake 2 Or Whole Wheat Egg-less Chocolate Cake

The Egg-less Chocolate Cake! This is how tall it was!!
Amazed at this gargantuan cake! Well I was too and it has a story behind it…

My friend Vidya came around the other day on her way out for her evening walk and left behind a container for me to microwave as hers was for repairs. She said it was a cake and to just microwave it for 10 minutes. She had also left behind a sachet of Eno’s fruit salt to be used if needed. I used it!!

Since all my micro containers were for a wash I took out the microwave rice cooker that I rarely use and just store my extra dish cloth in it and used it. Boy was I glad I did it, the cake was huge anything else and I would have spent the evening moping the oven floor and cursing her (especially since she was on her way to a party by then)!!

Of course she shared the recipe with me!! We do that regularly. What more you use regular gehu ka atta to make it.

2 cups whole wheat flour (yes whole wheat /Gehu ka atta)
1 ½ cup sugar
½ tsp soda
1 tsp baking powder
2 tblspn cocoa
1 tblspn drinking chocolate
½ tsp instant coffee (my addition)
½ tsp vanilla essence
2 tblspn butter (I used salted butter)
½ cup curd
½ + 1/3 cup milk (I used 1 cup)
2.5 grms Eno’s salt

1.       Melt the butter totally add the curds and milk. Mix well and keep aside.
2.       Mix all the dry ingredients except the Eno’s salt in a big bowl.
3.       Add the butter mixture. Mix well. It is okay if the mixture is soft dough consistency the sugar will melt. Keep aside for 4 hours.
4.       Grease a huge container. Mix the Eno’s salt in the batter and transfer to the container.
5.       Microwave for 10 minutes or till the knife inserted comes out clean.

Sending this to Pari's 'Only Series' of events is here at Tamalapaku this month and this time it would be



Egg-less Whole Wheat Chocolate Cake


  1. This is super cool!! Using Eno salts in baking a cake....the cake looks awesome!!

  2. Oh..thats really a big one...Eno showed its magic...

  3. Woww.. looks so perfect and tempting.. thanks for the lovely recipe :)
    Indian Cuisine

  4. amazing looking cake, Archana :) About your comment on my blog, yes what they don't know will not affect them so go ahead and bake the zucchini into the bread - they will never know!

  5. wow! thats a fantastic cake..can u email me your entry?

  6. innovative cake I haven't had this combination looks yummy Archana

  7. Im always FOR cakes with whole wheat & this ones eggless too!!! Perfect for this weekend!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  8. always say yes to chocolate.....

  9. Woww.. looks so perfect and tempting..

  10. nice touch of eno salt in a bake, good one !!

  11. whole wheat n eggless my choice.. so yumm

  12. Thts a beautifully baked cake:)

  13. this looks delicious..I'd love to try this..:P
    Tasty Appetite

  14. wowww.. a healthy recipe.. snap is too tempting...

  15. I am all for egg less, I am all for cake, I am all for wholewheat n I am definitely all for chocolate ~ and when you put the four of them together, it is just FABULOUS!
    US Masala

  16. This looks so delicious, love that you have used Whole Wheat flour.

  17. wow, that looks lovely and it is whole wheat, so even better.

  18. I never tried whole wheat chocolate cake.
    Recipe sounds delicious.
    Invitation for a Potluck
    Event - LGSS_Potato

  19. Cake looks so soft n yummy

  20. Thatz amazing.. egg less and n wholewheat:-) Sounds soo healthy!!

  21. Thanks all of you! Love you!

  22. i've only heard of microwaved cakes, never made my own. love your whole-wheat version, a little healthy ;)

  23. Yumm! Looks so soft and airy and the wholewheat version sounds very healthy.

  24. Awesome idea :D Love it.. Eno salt is a cool idea :D never tried it on cakes

  25. What an interesting idea! And look how moist this cake is!

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  27. Beautiful photos... just love the whole look!

    The combination sounds delicious. Thank you for submitting this to Everything worked perfect. Please consider making us a habit whenever you post anything new and of course, you are welcome to show off some of your earlier favorites as well!


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