Saturday, 1 November 2008


This was my MIL’s recipe I have tried it once. The idli tastes yummmmmmm!


4 cups rice
2 cups poha
1½ cups butter

Soak rice in sufficient water for minimum 12 hours
For 10-15 minutes soak poha.
Grind to a fine paste.
Add butter and mix well.
Ferment for at least 1 day (it is all bubbly), like a mild soda.
I ground my batter at around 10 am and it was all done by about 5.30pm, for its hot now. In winter it will need some more time.
Add salt & stir
now grease an idli mould and fill with batter about a ladle is enough, but you could also use a vessel like I have used, in this case pour about ¼ ‘ height or a little about the width of your finger.
Put in a pressure cooker and steam for 15-20 minutes. During steaming do not use the weight.

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