Monday, 1 December 2008

Ridge Gourd Vegetable

As a child I always wondered why my mom has to make ridge gourd vegetable. She used to peel the ridges and the skin to make a vegetable out of the inner pulp and chutney out of the skin. Mind you I loved the chutney (we call it herikai sipi chutney in Kannada) and if I wanted the chutney I had to eat one helping of the vegetable. So I did suffer the vegetable.

My hubby dear also is not too keen on the vegetable so I hardly buy it, yesterday however I brought it with the thought I will make the chutney and give away the inner pulp to the maid. But she made a vegetable and I liked it. I am just recording what all she used the measures are very rough you can adjust them to suit your taste.

Ridge gourd, peeled and chopped into fine cubes about a cup
1 small tomato chopped fine
Red chilli powder
1 tblspn roasted and ground groundnuts
½ tsp garlic

1. Heat the oil and add jeera.
2. When it changes colour add all the ingredients and mix well.
3. Cover and steam for 2 minutes. Switch off the gas.
4. Serve garnished with coriander.

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