Thursday, 25 December 2008

Saar or Rasam Powder


1 cup coriander seeds

1 small rock of hing/1tblsp powder

1 tblspn methi

1/3 cup pepper

1/3 cup jeera

1½ tsp mustard

45 red badgi chillies (about 50grms)

10-12 springs curry leaves


  1. In a little oil fry hing remove from oil
  2. add methi remove from oil
  3. Fry pepper, mustard, and jeera.
  4. In the coriander seeds add red chillies, curry leaves and fry till crisp.
  5. Cool and dry grind.


  1. Do we really get Rasam powder in market? I would love to get it for this weekend...

  2. Harshad, you do get Rasam powder in the market if I am buying it I prefer MTR's rasam masala. Hope this is helpful enough.


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