Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Paneer Paratha

Since there was one litre of milk in the fridge, which decided that it had had enough of my fridge and died in the container I was heating it, I had to make paneer out of it in. (This is justification for one litre milk conking out on me).
Now, since I had decided to make gulab jamun I had heated oil being in the "Mad Scientist Mood" I decided to experiment!!!
So in about 1 tblspn paneer I added a pinch of cooking soda, soda bi carb and about equal amount of Maida and knead the flour till it was very smooth, it was of the consistency of "chapatti ka atta". These balls I deep fried and dipped them in the sugar syrup. Since this was not appreciated I rejected the idea of making them into gulab jamun.
But I just could not let go of this idea that the paneer could be kneaded and make into some kind of paratha.
So I did just that to the end product was fully approved by all.
For the atta I used maida and paneer in the proportion 1:1 and with a pinch of salt kneaded it into a soft ball. No water needed.
Make 7-8 balls
For the filling:
2-3 potatoes boiled and grated
2-3 boiled eggs (optional)
2-3 green chillies (Adjust as per taste)
1 tsp chat masala
1 tsp dhania/coriander seed powder
1 tsp jeera/cumin seed powder
Kneed to make a soft filling. And make ball a little bigger than the atta balls.
To make parathas:
In a ball of dough make a cup using very little oil. Put in the ball of stuffing and close the opening. Roll the ball in your hands using very light pressure till it is smooth and the opening is not visible.
Using a little dry flour roll out the ball to make a thick paratha about ¼ inch or even less.
Put on a heated tava and roast on both the sides till light brown on both the sides.
Serve hot with curds, boondi raita and tomato chutney.

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