Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Futi Kadi

Futi Kadi

There is nothing like coming to a glass of “Futi Kadi” after the humid heat that we have here in Goa. It is a must have with food as Sheet Kadi or rice and Kadi as generally Goans do not like curds.

The Kadi  is made from Sola which comes from Binna, the sour fruit. Binnas used  to make the very famous Sola, sherbet even the seed  is used  to makeBinnel or what my mom used to call “Solmaana” a very oily wax ,solid at room temperature. (For more on this fruit look here).We used it to soothe chapping feet in winter but my boss tells me they used to make it at home and used it to grease the tava before making “poole” or dosa. I believe it is still used as the base for most of our creams today.

Anyway Futi Kadi is simple and has no recipe just mix sola, crushed garlic, green chilli,coriander salt and water. At times even hing/asafoetida and ginger is added.

The best futi kadi I have had is at my friend's in-laws place where they grind jeera/cumin seeds/jeerigi and squeeze lime too.

So just sit back and enjoy!!

 P.S. I apologise for the fingerprints on the glass as I could not resist  drinking some before clicking this snap. 

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