Friday, 21 January 2011

Dahi Pohe/Masur Avalakki

One of my favourite breakfasts includes "Dahi Pohe" or "Masur Avalakki". There is nothing more soothing than a bowlful of avalakki and coffee!! Absolute heaven!! Of course I will be willing repeat performance in the evening too!!
Not only tasty but ready in a jiffy, ingredients always available. I always fall back on this old favourite when short of ideas too!

1 cup avalakki/pohe/poha (I generally use the thick variety)
½ cup curds
1 tbsp fresh cream
1 green chilli
3-4 curry leaves  
Handful coriander
1.       Wash the pohe  in a colander under running .  Let it stand till you get the curds ready.
2.       In the mixer add the curd, chilli and a little coriander,and the curry leaves and make butter milk.
3.       When all the chilli is ground add fresh cream and salt. Run the mixer on low-speed once more.
4.       Just  before serving mix the pohe and curds.



  1. wow that really lovely dish..n new to me..thx for sharing!

  2. love to eat this in breakfast tasty!!

  3. My Moon used to make something similar to this but with milk and bananas. Healthy breakfast.
    U have nice space here. Will come back later....

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. love the name of your blog. very unique. this dahi poha dish is totally new but would love to have it for b'fast.

  5. Thank you all for you comments.


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