Monday, 31 January 2011

Chocolate Shira

Chocolate Shira

It is the same story everyday, I tell myself I need to make some kind of beginning for Akanksha’s breakfast in the morning at least plan it and  every evening after office I forget (?) about it. So in the morning the questions are “what? And how long will it take?”

On Friday  I had planned to give her “Phodni Cha Bhat” or “Vagarni Anna” but in the end I made “Chocolate Shira “which I introduced to her as  Chocolate. Not that I want to hoodwink her but shira the easiest of breakfasts she does not eat/like.  Being a chocoholic is an advantage you see, you should only know to use it to your advantage.


Use the same cup for measurement.
1 small cup rava
2 small cups sugar
1 small cup ghee
½ cup cocoa
½ cup drinking chocolate
2 cups hot milk
Nuts of your choice(Optional)


1.       In a thick Kadhai add the rava and ½ the ghee and roast till reddish on low flame.
2.         Add the very hot milk. Mix well breaking all the lumps.
3.       Now add the sugar and cocoa ,drinking chocolate and  nuts mix well.
4.       The whole mixture becomes watery once the sugar melts. This is okay.
5.       Add the rest of the ghee and mix well till all the ghee is incorporated in the mixture.
6.       Your chocolate Shira  is ready.
7.       Serve it hot or pack it up.

This Picture I took after the kid decided that she has to see if chocolate is really packed in her tiffin hence the mess.



  1. Whoo..that looks soooo chocolaty n yummy..fantastic recipe :)

    US Masala

  2. lovely shira......apt for kids lunch box

  3. I too am a chocolate fan. would definitely love to try out your method of preparing chocolate shira. This preparation looks wonderful.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. Nice twist to the usual shira, am loving it..

  5. very unique one, am sure would love this choco flavour too....

  6. Delicious shira... would surely have got over in no time :)

  7. They look superb !!!First time u r blog..happy follow u..

  8. Mouthwatering chocolaty shira.Simply irresistible.

  9. Simply superb and mouth watering..


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